I think something’s wrong.  Is there a poll on my blog?  The post ‘I have a question…’ was supposed to have one but I don’t think it worked.  So that should clear up any confusion.  The poll was asking if anyone had ever slid around in fuzzy socks.  I found a picture about it so I wanted to ask.  If you want to you can comment on this post and answer.

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Poll

  1. No, it didn’t show up… polls are tricky little things. 😛

    And yes, I have done that before. 🙂 In El Salvador the floor was very slippery, so even with flip flops on you could do it. Sometimes I would pretend I was ice skating. 😀


  2. No, the poll didn’t show up, and I didn’t see anything there. What was it about???? Love you!See you Friday, and Monday, and Tuesday!!!!! 😀


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