Ivory Keys

Flowing from deep inside my soul;
Harmonies from my heart.

Memories of notes 
From tender ages,
Recitals and talent shows,
Turning pages
Of sheet music.
Fur Elise;
105 measures
Worth it all the way.

No pressure to please,
Just me and the sound
Of my heart flowing forth
Onto ivory keys.

Little drummer girl
Unable to practice…
How to continue?
Practice pad and
Pair of sticks
All that remain.

Goal of old,
Strumming the cold,
Hard steel strings
Acoustic Washburn
In my room. 
Chris Tomlin,
Rend Collective,
Francesca Battestelli,
More worship songs
Than I can count.

How far I’ve come,
Piano, guitar, and drums,
Music makes my day
Worshiping God
In my own special way.

Teachers are special
They give you love,
Love for music
Love for life. 
Here’s a tribute to them,
Who’ve worked so hard,
Trying to teach me
Piano, drums, and guitar. 


7 Replies to “Ivory Keys”

  1. Wonderful poetry, I remember writing poetry at your age, they use to call me The Poet at school, and it led into song writing later for Christian bands and coffee house ministry, where we saw many saved. It is great to see you on that journey. By the way, one of my favourite guitars that I have is a Washburn Rarewood accoustic, a aromatic white wood I love playing it, You have a wonderful future ahead, may the Lord continue to increase your talents as you step out into His purpose exercising your gifts and talents. The Holy Spirit is a most exileratingly creative power source:-)

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  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this! I play piano and guitar too, and have thought about drums! 🙂 Also, I love the bands you mentioned! Lately I’ve been really enjoying sitting on the big rock in my backyard and playing guitar and singing praise songs, even when the mosquitos come out! lol Thank you so much for sharing! 😀

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    1. That’s so cool! Music is such an awesome way to worship God, and I love having easy access to worship songs so I can praise him on whichever instrument I feel like playing. I wish I had a big rock in my backyard, that’s such a great idea! Yes, mosquitoes are irritating, but nothing can stop us musicians! 😀


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