Christians Can Be Scientists?

In his recent debate against Ken Ham, Bill Nye (the Science Guy) cautioned parents not to teach their children creationism because we need scientists, engineers, doctors, etc. in the future.    I think he needs to learn who even paved the way for where the scientific community is right now… Christian scientists!  They all got into science for the sake of studying God’s creation!  So, to educate him, (sorry, couldn’t help throwing that in) I am going to do a series of posts on Christian scientists throughout the centuries.  I’m going to try to cover one time period per day for about 4-5 days I think.  Keep posted (no pun intended) for the first post! 


10 Replies to “Christians Can Be Scientists?”

  1. Good on ya Squid! We need people to see the truth about science and creation. Many great scientists started out atheist and have become Christians from studying the overwhelming evidence. Dr Garry Parker was one of the greats for me as he pulled apart the lies and exposes the fraud of evolution and the great coverups. I know that Ken Ham was supposed to have a form in South Australia some years ago,but the opponents did not want to take him on for fear of being made foolish. It is good to realise that science is only observable if it can be tested and obsevered in the present, not millions of years ago when no one was here, not even the earth or sun. I am a medical scientist and spend my day looking down a microscope, and I realise hoe fraudulent much of this evolution teaching is. You are doing well to feature these scientists.

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement! Yes, I actually live near Dr. Parker, and he has spoken at our church a couple of times. He is really nice and down to earth. I’ve read a couple of Ken Ham’s books, and like the way he explains things. The distinction between historical and observational score of is important to notice.


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