Our Moral Revolt

“Can that doctrine [evolution] be accepted as scientific when its author admits that we cannot apply it ‘without deterioration of the noblest part of our nature’?  On the contrary, civilization is measured by the moral revolt against the cruel doctrine developed by Darwin.”  -W. J. Bryan

William Jennings Bryan stood up against the teaching of evolution in public schools during the Scopes Trial.  The trial was a farce, but while studying it in history I wrote down a couple of his statements.  I think that I should have used this quote in our apologetics class’ mock debate, eh, Gabriel?  It would have been an interesting point to bring up while debating whether or not evolution was science or religion. 

Another thing to consider while on this topic:

Lester Frank Ward had said that the best way to control other people’s thinking is by excluding certain ideas from discussion in the public schools. (Method of exclusion)


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