On Skinks, Horns, and Crepes.

Friday was my last day of school.  What? Why do you gasp?  Homeschoolers can end when they want.  We will probably start back up the week after Labor Day so we will get a break, no worries.  Why do I bring this up?  Because I will have the time to upload my pictures soon after I take them!  Yippee!  Starting today.  These are pictures that I’ve just now taken off my camera put on the computer, so I hope this is the start of a trend. 🙂

A couple weeks ago were assembled in our living room talking about something or other when I noticed a lizard (or so I thought) in our lanai.  This was not odd in itself, (lizards seem to get trapped in there every once in a while) but what caught my attention was that it was almost slithering across the floor.  (For you non-Floridians, lizards don’t slither.)  I asked to go investigate.  After getting permission I grabbed my camera and ran out there.  I mistakenly thought it was a newt, but after a quick Google search, I discovered that I had seen a Five-Lined Skink!  Named for the 5 lines running down its back, its Creator also gave it some sweet coloring.  With a bright orange nose/snout area and shiny blue tail, this guy had me in awe for the next 30 minutes or so.  I couldn’t stop raving about how cool he was!


Back inside the house Adam hands me my lens cap.  Such a thoughtful baby. 🙂


Last night I was taking Leo outside when I noticed some Mockingbirds being abnormally raucous. That triggered my birding sense and I casually glanced over at the palm tree which they were flying around. To my surprise I saw a good sized Great Horned Owl! I immediately ran to Leo’s side, (he was in the middle of the neighbor’s lawn… an easy target) and stared at the owl in amazement. The Mockingbirds were divebombing him but he seemed not to care. After I took Leo back inside I ran inside and grabbed my camera. On my way back outside I ran into Rhyan (not literally, surprisingly) and after a hasty explanation she decided to join me. I got a few quick shots before he flew away, but then we chased him across the street, then across the next street, then lost him. All in all it was a great birding adventure!
This is him in the first tree.


This is where he flew to next.



It had started to sprinkle a little bit, so we started running back to the house. On the way though I couldn’t help but take a couple quick shots of a fluffed-up Mockingbird.


Lastly, today I was outside taking pictures of our Crepe Myrtle. Did you think I meant the thin pancake? Hahaha

To God be the glory!


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