Juvenile Cardinal Visitation

The other day my dad saw a Hairy Woodpecker on a tree in his front yard and decided to put up a bird feeder to encourage it to come back.  He hasn’t seen it again yet, but he has seen up to 7 Cardinals at a time!  In those 7 there is a family of Mom, Dad, and juvy.  I saw the whole family out the window and ran to get my camera, but by the time we opened the blinds all the way, only the juvy had stayed.  I got some fun pictures of him, and can’t wait to see him and his family again!

The pretty feeder by itself…


The black bar is the divider in the window… unfortunately unavoidable at the time.


Then he fluffed himself up!


The Mourning doves were very elegant, and I liked this picture especially.


Back to normal!


The struttin’ dove!


That’s all for that sighting, hopefully there’ll be more!


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