Upcoming Scheduling

Tomorrow at high noon I’ll be going to Northern Florida with my dad to hike and find birds!  So, I may not have time for blogging.  I am scheduling posts to publish in my absence, and I will post all my pictures once I come back.  Wish me well and please pray for good weather!

Thanks and God bless!


14 Replies to “Upcoming Scheduling”

  1. For a second I thought you were going to say Northern Ohio. We do have some birds, but not the tropical kind. Be safe in your trip!

    Love Kristen, Steve and Hadassah

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    1. That would be amazing if we were going to Ohio, but unfortunately no. Soon enough though, in September we’ll be up there! Thank you!


  2. I hope you find some really awesome birds up there, Syd! Where exactly are you going because I’ve taken a lot of trips up there to visit family and I may know some good spots depending on your location. Email me and let me know! Love you girlfriend!

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