Daily(ish) Thankfulness List #6, From OH

(I found this post that was supposed to be published but somehow got overlooked.  This is from a couple weeks ago while I was still in Ohio.)  Sorry I’ve been so lax on keeping this up… My excuse is I’ve had no WiFi while I’m on the road, and when I’m not I’ve been hanging out with my family who I’ll only see at this time.  What was the other one?  Oh yeah… I forgot. 🙂  But… Now I’m chilling at my grandma’s house, so I have time!  Yay! 

1. Safe travels.  We passed so many accidents on the highway and I am very thankful that we were not a part of one. 

2. My extended family.  I just spent a weekend with my cousins at a hotel and reunion, and we had so much fun!  Some of them learned how to play chess, so we played a lot!  My uncle is a Grand Master, so I was thrilled when he taught me a lot and corrected my terrible openings!  I’m still working out the kinks, but there is hope in my future. 🙂 
Anyways, I am very thankful for them and all the laughter they brought and will bring me!  🙂

3. Running water.  Something we take for granted so often, yet we’d have no idea what to do without it.

Any Comments?

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