A Bookmark Follows

Really makes you reevaluate how we read, why we read, and what what we read really means. And it emphasizes how amazing bookmarks are. ūüôā

The Captain's Speech

Behind every cover is an untold story
Characters come and go
Foreign settings become familiar
The plot thickens before it gets thinner
A bookmark follows

Some chapters take their time
Filling the soul with something that was not there
Others pass through during the night
Their purpose served
A bookmark follows

When there is shortness of breath
No more patience in the tank
No reason to keep swimming
The story about to drown
A bookmark follows

Always there for guidance
Like a star in the sky
Full of clarity and reassurance
For the times you want to look back
A bookmark follows

The pace picks up
It is impossible to put down
A promise is kept
Off to the races
A bookmark follows

Words make the jump
Sentences clear the hurdle
Paragraphs stick the landing
Chapters finish the race
A bookmark follows

Look around as the plot gets thinner
Survey what is left and what was right
As pages transfer their weight…

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