Tallahassee Trip Day 2: Part 2 – On Light, Refracted Natural and Bright Artifical


On our way home from Tallahassee it rained.  Poured.  Stormed.  Dad and I were in a gas station and BOOM! Lightning struck quite near us.  So, intelligently, we climbed into our metal box and drove away. Just kidding, we have rubber tires. 🙂

Anyhoo, while we were driving along we saw the faint traces of a rainbow forming near us. I started getting pictures.

DSC_6388 DSC_6391

It started becoming quite prominent, and then turned into a double.  That in itself was cool, but then we


And the front, too, but that was behind us.  Depending on where you start from, I suppose.
It was so cool!!! We could see the start of the vibrant arch in the meridian, and pictures don’t do it justice.


Here’s the “front”.

DSC_6414 DSC_6421

Later on I decided to experiment with lights at night from the car.  That was… interesting.

DSC_6428 DSC_6434 DSC_6435 DSC_6438 DSC_6445 DSC_6452 DSC_6477 DSC_6486 DSC_6488 DSC_6494  DSC_6503 DSC_6512

That’s it for Tallahassee!  I think I’ll just throw a few pictures from Ohio on here, not do long sagas like this one.  So, until next time,


4 Replies to “Tallahassee Trip Day 2: Part 2 – On Light, Refracted Natural and Bright Artifical”

    1. Thanks! Aren’t the doubles even more amazing? It’s like God decided to paint us a masterpiece to make up for the storms. Thank you, have a great night too!


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