The first born dilemma

As a firstborn myself, this rings clear and true. Maybe this will help you understand people in your life, or yourself a little better, like it did me. Thanks to A for writing such an amazing post!


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From very early on First-borns learn to behave or else! As a result, they hold themselves accountable for their actions and the consequences thereof. This character trait can be a blessing for it speaks to their integrity and sincerity, but it can also be a curse since they often accept blame where there should be none, beating themselves up unnecessarily.

First-borns are the ones everyone expects to be okay. The ones who always manage to rise above. The ones who never really ask for help, yet are always ready to help others. See, no one expects firstborns to be weak. The first born is next in line after the parents. They are the high-achieving people-pleasers. The ones their parents leave in charge of the others. The ones always expected to be responsible. The ones who are supposed to know better!

Well that’s a lot of pressure for a first born…

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2 Replies to “The first born dilemma”

  1. Funny! My mom says I’m like a first born because there’s a several year gap between my older brother and me. Also, I’m the oldest sibling at home now and the oldest daughter. 🙂

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