Math Day Make-Up

Hello fellow mathies! 😁 I have neglected to observe several math days over the last month, and as today is one too I thought it’d be a good time to catch up.  I missed 3+13=16 and 3-19=-16 for March, and Mario Day which is March 10th (MAR10). Today, of course, is 4×4=16, or 4²=16. 
Have I missed any others recently?

Happy calculating!

4 Replies to “Math Day Make-Up”

  1. Hey Squid,
    As a fellow mathie, a few dates to add to your ever increasing list. 1-17=-16 , 2*8=16, 2+14=16, and 2-18=-16. For those who want to stretch it a little 3!+10=16. (! is factorial for those who don’t know)

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