6 Replies to “Truth is a Fickle Thing ”

  1. I do not really know you at all, but this article is a generous helping of anti-Christian post modern apostasy. I can only be honest. It bares no resemblance to the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ whatsoever.


    1. See, that’s the thing. It made me really analyze what I believe. I don’t agree with most of the points, (especially that truth is fickle, because the Lord alone is Truth and he never changes) but I think that we should know what we DON’T believe so we aren’t led astray. That was my purpose in reposting this, anyway. It is wishy-washy, which leaves the reader treading water, and, hopefully, finding the Rock.


      1. That’ a unique way of viewing it, but fair enough I suppose. 🙂

        The younger generations (especially, but not exclusively) are being swept away in a landslide of false Jesus’s and false gospels exactly like the author of this article are proclaiming. Post modern anti-christian pablum, having the appearance of charity and piety, but that in reality are self exalting counterfeits of the faith once for all delivered to the saints. See, the truth is not fickle. It is the eternal and unchangeable being and nature of the one true and living God as He has
        Himself revealed in the pages of His ancient scriptures.

        If you would be so gracious as to humor this soon to be old man, I cannot recommend highly enough that you take an hour and please listen to this teacher. He is a preacher of what untold millions of Christians have believed for 2000 years, in opposition to new never before heard of views like those of this article. It all comes down to how seriously somebody takes that bible. It really does.


        1. Yes, I am aware of that and usually try to avoid such fake Gospels. I would like to watch the video you linked to but the link is not working. Could you tell me the name of the video or something? Thanks!


          1. The link is to a YouTube video that is a static picture with audio only. I should have said that. Maybe that threw you off?

            If there’s some other problem, HERE is another link to the same exact thing on my server and there’s a link underneath if you’d like to download the file for your phone or iPod. 🙂

            I’m not your Daddy or your pastor and I’m certainly not your husband. I don’t mean to intrude in your life. Forgive me. I cannot help but be protective of young folks though. If that seems weird, I’m sorry.

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            1. Oh, no, the link just wouldn’t let me click on it, lol. Thank you for the link, it did work. The download link won’t let me download it, but I can listen to it from my laptop, so thank you.
              I forgive you, but also thank you for the warning. I’m always glad for solid Biblical instruction and protection. 🙂


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