You Might Be A Nerd If…

You are elated when given new school supplies.

You have to go down the pens isle every time you go to a store.

Your heart warms when someone says, “Wow, you’re so smart!”

You ADORE libraries.

Your books have to be over 300 pages. (Minus pictures)

You have perfected your evil laugh.

You reference books that most of your friends won’t read for years.


We have all witnessed things that assure us and/or our friends that we (or they) are hilariously nerdy, so please add more of these unmistakable signs in the comment section below.  I’ll update the post with your suggestions credited to you once I get at least five unique comments, but I won’t make the comments public so you won’t know where you fall in that quota. Mwahahahahahaha…… *cough* sputter* cough* *regains composure like nothing happened*


10 Replies to “You Might Be A Nerd If…”

  1. When you begin to notice redundancies in the non-fiction literature that you devour, that may indicate ‘nerdiness’.


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