Created by Sound?

“Everything owes its existence solely, completely, to sound.”

I heard this line in Cymatics by Nigel Stanford today.

I cringed at first thinking, “Uh, no, we owe our existence to God!  What kind of sick, twisted theology is this??”  Then I realized something.

Technically, we owe our existence to God, but he did use sound to create us.  He spoke us into existence. Yes, he could have created us without speaking, but he declared us into this world and breathed life into us for a reason.

One of my rabbis once told me that God created the Hebrew language before he separated the dark from the light.  It was the first thing he created.  That stuck with me because no one really mentions it.

So, to me, this song isn’t as off-base as I first thought, which leads me to still listen to it with a clear conscience. 🙂


P.S. I’ve included the song because it’s amazing but you should look up the YouTube video too because SCIENCE. (You’ll understand if you watch it, hehe).

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