A Long Time Ago In a Galilee Far Far Away

No, I did not just mess up my Star Wars reference, I actually meant exactly what I said. Why?  Because a long time ago (the end of July 2016) in a Little Galilee Christian Camp High School Main Week 2 far, far away (In Illinois, which is a two-day drive from Florida) I had one of the greatest weeks of my life.

I had never thought that I’d actually go to a summer camp, but my dad knows a guy. 🙂 Mr. Bob and my dad helped out at church camps together when they were in college, and, this year, Mr. Bob was the dean at the second High School week. He invited my dad to come up to Illinois and help him out as a staff member for the week.  My dad loved the idea, but it was my birthday week and he would have had to miss my birthday.  When he mentioned this, Mr. Bob suggested that he just “bring her too!”  They were able to get a scholarship for me because my dad would be working there, so my dad and I drove for two days and arrived late, somehow.  Thankfully, we were able to get registered and my camp experience was commenced!

The worship for that week was a led by a band from Ozark Christian College called Frontline.  Each year, students audition to be part of this band, so the lineup always changes.  I was blown away by this group’s enthusiasm for worshipping God and learning to know Him better, despite the terrible things some of them had been through.  They were such an encouragement to me and I am so thankful to God for putting me with them. (Also, my dad had toured with their predecessors, Impact Brass! :D)

Ryan, their drummer, was my family group leader, aka “dad”.  If you’re not familiar with family groups, the premise is this: You have 60ish campers and 20+ staff.  That doesn’t give you very many opportunities for real relationships to form and for people to lose their shyness.  So, they split us up into 6 family groups of about 10-14 people, each with 2-3 staff members to lead it.  My “mom” was Amie, one of the four students from Central Christian College of the Bible.  I also had an “uncle”, Jacob, the sound technician from Frontline who likes Star Wars and Relient K and was homeschooled up until college. How could we not get along?

From left-right, back row: Brennan/Brandon (I never actually knew his name; there was another guy with whichever name isn’t his), Ryan, Isaiah (Poe) with Thomas behind him, my friend Hallie with whom I hung out pretty much all week, Zach, and Jacob. From l-r, front row: Rachel (one of two, both in my cabin), Aly (also one of two in my cabin), Lexi (my dorm mother’s daughter), Amie (the sass is strong with this one), me, and Taylor.

That was my amazingly crazy family and I loved them.  I mentioned in my preview post that our family name was The Spicy Bois… I suppose I should tell the story.

We were waiting in line for the zip line (we went by family group) and started talking about Florida since that’s where I’m from.  Fire ants were mentioned, along with the fact that a petition was started to change their official name to Spicy Bois.  Somehow, this was agreed upon to be our family group.  We decided that, in addition to a name, we also needed an anthem.  Soooo singing the words “Spicy Bois” over and over to the Jurassic Park theme became a regular occurrence.  I hummed it constantly, haha.

That week of camp was crazy.  My legs were really sore from walking to and from everywhere up and down hills, but they eventually just got strong… eventually. 😛  I laughed a lot, learned new songs, cried way more than I thought I would, and made some great new friends and memories that I hope I never forget.  I’m so thankful that God worked everything out, and there were so many fingerprints he left behind that I’m uncovering now.  Our God is good! 😀

Anyway, I’m sorry this a terribly belated post, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. 🙂


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3 Replies to “A Long Time Ago In a Galilee Far Far Away”

  1. Yes, God is good. It’s amazing how our plans get turned upside down and His plans, though we can’t always see it, are way better than we could have dreamed.

    Great story. Glad you had a wonderful time. ☺ 🌷

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