Song Roulette

Look, guys, I spelled it right!  I think.  At least, I copied how Paul from The Captain’s Speech spelled it, and he’s usually right…  I think.

(Grammarly isn’t yelling at me about it, so I guess that settles it too, lol)

Anyway, Paul had a great idea for a blog post and I’m going to see how successful it is for me to try it.  (We bloggers really enjoy good ideas.  It’s hard coming up with them for ourselves, hence all the chain nominations and awards.)   Paul’s idea was this: Shuffle your music and write down the song and what you think of when you hear it. Memories mainly, but also “why I like it” seems to be something cool to do. (Yes, Paul, I just used you as my cool-0-meter. You’re welcome.)

So, here goes.  I use Spotify instead of YouTube for my music — except for Kurt Hugo Schneider — so you’ll have to do some typing into your search bar if you want to listen to all this good stuff, sorry… but, for all my fellow Spotsters, I’ll also link each song to Spotify so that you can save the song to your account too if ya like it. 🙂

All Along – Remedy Drive

This song really brings me back to my childhood, when the JoyFm would play this on the radio.  Now they’ve moved on to newer songs, but this one still has a place in my heart.  Remedy Drive is one of those great Christian rock bands that is totally underappreciated.  I have a lot of their songs saved, haha, so we might come across them again.  🙂

Light Up The Sky – The Afters

Woah, another oldie-but-a-goodie!  Does anyone else say that?  My mom and I have said it for years — usually in relation to songs — but I can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone else…  If not, I dare everyone to use it at least once this week!  I saw The Afters in concert, opening for Building 429, a couple of years ago with Hawk Nelson.  Still one of my favorite concerts to this day because of venue and artists.  This song is one the classic The Afters songs.

Walk On Water feat. Melodie Wagner of Hillsong Young & Free – Family Force 5

Oh yeah!  This song is one that my sister, Carrie, and I would jam out to in my room when I first found it.  FF5 totally rocks the party (bonus points if you can tell me which of their songs that is from!) and Melodie Wagner’s voice is quite fantastic. 🙂

Your Love Is Mine – I Am They

This song isn’t one I know particularly well, but how I found the band has a story.  Rental cars are new.  The cars we own are (usually) not.  So, when we rented a car in West Virginia when we visited family, we were elated to find a SiriusXM satellite radio thingy built in.  After some hassle, we finally found The Message, a Christian music station that was reminiscent of the JoyFM, but who also played artists that I had never heard of before.  One of those was I Am They, a brand new (at the time) folksy-countryish band with a hit single called From The Day.  Obviously, that was not this song, haha.  This song was on their album that came out about a year later.  Though their songs are generally folksy, which is something I don’t usually like, I do enjoy this song. 🙂

Mork and Mindy – Daniel Caine Orchestra

I love Mork and Mindy!!!  This is the theme to one of the greatest shows I think TV has ever seen.  Mainly because of young Robin Williams, but also just because of the warmth and lovely content of the show itself.  Mork, an alien visitor to Earth, is so innocent and loving to everyone that he constantly is getting himself into trouble, and it is enhanced by Robin Williams’ comedic skill as the wonderful Mork himself.  Mindy is so sweet and puts up with so much that you can’t help but love her too. 🙂  So, this song makes me so happy just listening to it.

Strawberry Avalanche – Owl City

This song is super nostalgic for me, despite not understanding it at all, lol.  My dad used to play it all the time along with Alligator Sky and Fireflies, and I remember playing Nibbles (Snake for certain Linux users) on the computer he helped me build in the living room while we blasted these songs throughout the house. #childhood

He Has Come For Us (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) – Meredith Andrews

Yes, I know this is a Christmas song, but I do listen to Christmas music around Christmas time, and those songs get saved, so here we are.  I really like this semi-traditional Christmas song because a) I have always liked Meredith Andrews’ voice and b) She mixes two songs together and that’s always cool. 🙂

Eye Of The Hurricane – Me In Motion

I love this song!!  I hadn’t listened to it in forever and now I’m really happy that I did this post. 🙂 This was another one of those overplayed-then-totally-ignored songs the JoyFM played years and years ago.  I was driving near one of our old neighborhoods a couple years ago when I suddenly remembered it and resolved to look it up as soon as I got home.  It has remained one of my favorites ever since.  A fun side-note: Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson has become popular in the Christian music industry, but I liked it for almost a year before they discovered it, hehehe

Galaxies Collide – eleventyseven

Mwahahahahahahahaha I am so happy that this one came up!!!  I was dearly hoping that I would get to share one of my favorite bands with you all!  They’re probably an acquired taste due to the sensory overload of synthesizers and purposely-obviously-auto-tuned voices, so I really can’t explain why I like them so much, but the fact remains!  Their lyrics are subtly Christian except for their hymns album which is rather unashamedly God-focused, haha. 🙂  This song is, to me, asking God to light our hearts on fire like how stars shine when galaxies collide (very brightly!).  This is also a really fun song to play on the guitar 😀
Unfortunately, eleventyseven split up a while back.  Why fortunately?  Despite the fact that most of the band members decided to get on with their lives, the lead singer wanted to do a side project with edgier lyrics and sounds.  This birthed The Jellyrox, whose songs I love about as much as the original band’s. (One of the songs, Condo In Neverland, is about how he doesn’t like growing up and was inspired by the disbanding). I’ve listened to both bands for about 3 years now but only a couple months ago found out their connection. :O

You’re Not Alone – Meredith Andrews

Another Meredith Andrews?  Alright, here goes!  This is a powerful worship song that God has used many times to convict me when I’m freaking out and, hence, not honoring Him.  Lots more I could say on this but I’m not sure how to.

This concludes my Song Roulette #1!  I hope you guys enjoyed it, and if enough people did, I might do another one, but no promises… 😉


11 Replies to “Song Roulette”

  1. Just the other day I called a song, “an oldy, but goldy.” So, yes! My fam uses that term too. lol 🙂 Maybe it’s our Florida upbringing? 😉 I really love this idea, and just might do this! 🙂

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  2. Can’t say that I recognized any songs on this list, BUT I have heard and said “oldie but a goodie” before! Cool of you to do this and use me as your cool-o-meter! That was a first haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not surprised that my songs were new to you, but you should go check some out, I think you might be surprised! YES! Oldie but a goodie is an actual thing! Haha there has to be a first for everything, right?

      Liked by 1 person

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