Not a Bad Temptation

Are you already intrigued?

Something hit me the other day when I was contemplating holiness and sanctification. (No, it was not one of Adam’s toys.)

When Satan tempted Eve in the garden, he gave her a certain motivation to disobey God.  That motivation was being like God.  That’s not bad!

The problem was/is, only God can make us more and more like Him.

We call it sanctification.

Eve wanted to become like God via knowledge, but, after she had the knowledge she craved, she only gained the consciousness of how far from God she was.  Nothing good gotten by evil means is ever worth it.  (and what’s more evil than disobeying God’s one command??)

Eve didn’t have a bad motivation, she just let herself get tempted by the Devil who told her the wrong way to achieve her admirable goal.

How true that rings in my life…

I’ve made some bad choices recently behind my parents’ backs, despite a good motivation.  Everything falls to pieces when you don’t do it God’s way.

So, sanctification.

God created Eve with the desire to be more like Him.  It’s not a bad thing.  In fact, it’s a key factor in our Christian life, one that sets us apart from the world.

The process of sanctification comprises putting ourselves to death, killing our fleshly desires, focusing on His will and His timing, and much more that I really don’t have time to get into.  There’s a lot of sermons out there on it written by people with a lot more experience and wisdom.

I have a hard time waiting for God’s plan to flush out in my life, and I wrestle with the desire to jumpstart his plan by doing something rash.  I mean, He can fix it, right? (Sometimes, my faith in God’s plan and over-arching control can be a bit destructive, hahaha).

All in all, I don’t wait patiently.

But, you see, Love is patient, and God is Love.  If I want to be sanctified, if I want my soul to look like His, I need to learn patience.  I need to learn how to grow where I’m planted so that, when the Master Gardener uproots me to join another flower bed, I’m already blooming; ready to go.

So, that took a turn I wasn’t ready for… I feel like I should change the title of the post. (In case I do, the original title was “Not a Bad Temptation.”  I kinda want it to say “Motive,” but Carrie was hooked by the original, and I don’t want to take that away.  Hmmmm

I’m enjoying these horizontal lines… very organize, much neat.  #dogelife

I’m going to sign off now before my crazy runs off the rails and because I just finished my Chobani PB&J Greek Yogurt and have to get back to real life.

Ta-ta for now,


3 Replies to “Not a Bad Temptation”

  1. “I’ve made some bad choices recently behind my parents’ backs, despite a good motivation. Everything falls to pieces when you don’t do it God’s way.”

    Everybody makes bad choices sometimes. Not everybody recognizes and confesses therm. Thank God for His loving fatherly discipline in allowing things to fall apart when we don’t do them His way. There’s nothing more frustrating and heartbreaking than watching somebody’s sin prosper while they interpret that prosperity as God’s blessing what He forbids in His word..

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  2. These lines are honestly great (Laughing emoji – this is what life has come to).
    I just wanted to say that. it’s so easy to try and fast-forward the things that you want in life or things you believe you need or even deserve. I can’t say that it’s ever brought me happiness whenever I’ve tried to go out of my way to get those things. It’s a waste to spend time regretting the decisions that have already been made so, I guess, we should look forward and make sure we learn from the past.

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