Camp Staff Family Nostalgia; A Poem of Sadness and Love

I’m missing them,
Slowly forgetting
Those I once knew
So well.

Why does time
Have to
What I want to
Stay vibrant

The memories
I cherish 
Of a group of people
I love so much
Are painfully drifting

A rush of joy
From bonding with
A whole new family
For one
Short summer.
But then
Having to leave
Them behind


Shoutout to:

  • Way too long titles
  • Finally using my real name;  I think it’s time…
  • Night poetry (this one was written at 12:12am)
  • Turning 17 in 4 days!!
  • Surviving my first summer as a junior counselor!
  • Semicolons for being underappreciated and frequently misused.

14 Replies to “Camp Staff Family Nostalgia; A Poem of Sadness and Love”

  1. I feel poetry comes at the oddest times of day; just flowing out once you feel strong emotions and then you decide to sit down and write. (Words of truth from my poetry life😂.) Happy birthday Syd!!! I can’t believe your gonna be 17! I feel like I’ve know you for so long now! (In case you can’t tell who I am, check my first blog post. You’ll recognize me from that.)

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      1. I’ve never had a nickname before so I thought I could give myself one I’ve always wanted and use it on my blog. Since I’ve never been called Rea I thought you wouldn’t recognize my “stage name.”
        Also, did I use the semicolon correctly?

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        1. That’s a great idea, though! You created a new ID for yourself, so no one knows your real name, only the nickname. It’s pretty fun. 🙂
          Unfortunately, I think a comma would have sufficed instead… But you tried, so points for that! 😀

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  2. That poem really captured the experience well! I’ve been in several groups (summer camp, Bible College, conferences) where the Lord created powerful emotional bonds. It’s always sad going separate ways and growing apart.

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    1. Thank you! But God uses the bonds we create to strengthen new relationships in different spheres of our lives, and each new relationship we make enriches our lives, broadens our mind, and defines our character just a little bit more. People are amazing gifts from God, aren’t they? 🙂


  3. Woah! Dropped bombshell at the end. You’ll always be Squid to me, though.
    Also, I hear year about camp staff family. I went through that withdrawal on 4 different occasions. It’s awful.

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        1. 😫 That’s sounds horrible!! I live about 2 hours from most of this group, but some live in other states and probably won’t come back next summer! 😭

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