Physical Training

Physical Training

I am not a sports person. I run 20 feet and my chest is on fire and I’m sore for the next day.   

So, Paul’s admonition to Timothy on physical vs spiritual training never has had much meaning to me.  Of course I’m going to read my Bible more than train for sports!  I don’t do the latter at all! 

But, I realized today that I do have conflicting priorities sometimes when it comes to training.  

I recently joined a homeschool band and choir program (there’s also orchestra but lol nope) and am loving it immensely.  It’s been a childhood dream of mine to play/sing music in a big group like that, and it’s totally coming true!  However, it’s a huge time commitment, especially practicing.  

I practice simple snare drum exercises over and over so that I am completely comfortable playing them at any tempo.  I sing the same lines of my alto or second soprano part more times than I ever thought possible so that, when I sing in a group, I know my part and can sing it well.

See any parallels?

This whole thing came to mind because I had two things to do last Friday and the time for only one.  

  1. Practice drums for >30 mins (preferably)
  2. Watch 3 15-min videos on this week’s parsha (Torah portion) on  

Aaannnddd since, by order of the Rabbi (my stepdad) I had to watch the vids by the Sabbath (sundown), I decided to do that instead of practicing, since I can practice anytime (sort of).  It put a whole new spin on godliness training vs physical training.

Just some thoughts… 🙂


7 thoughts on “Physical Training

    1. Aww, thank you! Haha I’m only starting my band/choir journey in eleventh grade… 😬
      We play soccer once in a while out on some public fields, and, more often than not, there are actual teams practicing on the adjoining fields. Watching them cements my life choices, hahaha.
      I’m glad my life can be encouraging/amusing (?). 😀 I enjoy reading about your journey in ministry as well.

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  1. You might not like sports but you need some kind of physical exercise if you want to stay healthy. I don’t like sports either but I used to walk a lot. I found that long walks gave me a lot of time to think so they were good for my mind as well as for my body.

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    1. Haha true… I play sports once in a while with a few church families, and walk around a lot… Does that count? When I go birding, I’m usually hiking at least a mile, so I count that too, haha.

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  2. And a reminder from Mama: Even though you chose to read the Torah portion instead of practicing drums, you ended up logging more weekly practicing minutes that week than you ever had in previous weeks! It’s like tithing. Sometimes we think we shouldn’t tithe because we don’t seem to have the money, but God, time and time again, supernaturally stretches our funds when we honor him first and foremost in this way. 😊❤️😊❤️

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