I’m Gonna Miss My Lil Bro

Giggles, squeals
And smol smiles galore,
Adam and I
Rough house-ing on the floor

He pushes me over
And I roll on my back
He jumps into my arms
And I hug him right back

With his face right near mine
His volume down to a 2,
He rubs our noses together, and says
Ugga mugga“;
I love you too.

I barely have time
To appreciate his love
Before he gets right back up
And gives me a shove!

I throw up my hands
And chase him around.
It’s a lovely way to spend
One of my last nights in town.

I’m leaving for the FPEA homeschool convention on tomorrow, and then I’m going straight to Camp Gilead for the summer, only coming back on Saturdays (basically). 

So, I’m trying to soak up all the Adam-ness I can before I leave.  Monday night, I played with him after dinner for a bit.  He gets a bit riled up, but his sweet, quick love inbetween all of his little boyish yelling and tumbling almost made me cry because I know how much I’ll miss him.  D: 

He just turned four on Saturday, and I can’t believe I’m gonna be gone all summer and miss his amazing adorableness!  I’m storing up all his affection in my heart so that I won’t feel like I should have spent more time with him, should have let him play racetrack on my bed one more time, etc. 

Shoutout to my lil bro! ❤



P.S. I guess I did manage to fit in one more blog post before I left! 🙂

13 Replies to “I’m Gonna Miss My Lil Bro”

  1. He has such a sweet smile. My little brothers sounds like your brother Adam – lovable and adorable and lovers of rough play. Younger siblings can be annoying, but at the end of the day you know that you would miss them if they weren’t there. Have fun at Camp Gilead!

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  2. Wonderful, precious poem and sentiments alike…. Thank you for being such a good big sis to him! He will miss you, too, of course. As will I! Love, Mama ❤️

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    1. Oh my goodness!!! That’s so cool!! I’m extremely pleased to make your acquaintance!
      There is another Messianic homeschooler on WP who is awesome, her “name” is writefury. She’s an amazing writer and I also follow her on Spotify, hahaha. I don’t know the URL of her blog, but you can probably just search “Blank Mastermind” and find her blog. 🙂

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