Father’s Day Poem

My dad asked me to write him a poem a couple weeks back.  I’ve been working on it ever since, and wanted to post it for Father’s Day.  I love you Daddy. 🙂

You call me your “sweets”
Whenever we meet,

Talking to me from your heart,
While we’re walking ’round our favorite park. 

I treasure every moment spent,
Conversing late inside our tent.

When experimenting with photography, you’re the one
Reminding me that even when you mess up, always to have fun.

Birding adventures, many they are,
Trekking on foot or driving in your car.

Teaching me ways to refute evolution,
Believing in God instead of superstition.

From an early age chess lessons were passed on,
I was taught many things about queens, rooks and pawns.

Fatherly love, so special and sweet,
Except to any of my boyfriends you meet. 🙂

Even though we live fifteen minutes away,
You still take the time to make my day,

By texting me how much you love,
Appreciate, adore, and miss my hugs.

When I was little, a little harsh you seemed,
But in hindsight now, you were shaping me.

You love to hug and cuddle me,
Though each other we don’t often see.

For all these things I give to you, my earnest thanks,
I wouldn’t trade our time together for all the money in the banks.

Divorce is hard, and not without pain,
But God has blessed us, and I can bear the strain.

Fathers are special, and I’m glad that you’re mine,
I miss and think about you all the time. 


Ivory Keys

Flowing from deep inside my soul;
Harmonies from my heart.

Memories of notes 
From tender ages,
Recitals and talent shows,
Turning pages
Of sheet music.
Fur Elise;
105 measures
Worth it all the way.

No pressure to please,
Just me and the sound
Of my heart flowing forth
Onto ivory keys.

Little drummer girl
Unable to practice…
How to continue?
Practice pad and
Pair of sticks
All that remain.

Goal of old,
Strumming the cold,
Hard steel strings
Acoustic Washburn
In my room. 
Chris Tomlin,
Rend Collective,
Francesca Battestelli,
More worship songs
Than I can count.

How far I’ve come,
Piano, guitar, and drums,
Music makes my day
Worshiping God
In my own special way.

Teachers are special
They give you love,
Love for music
Love for life. 
Here’s a tribute to them,
Who’ve worked so hard,
Trying to teach me
Piano, drums, and guitar. 


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