Blogiversary #3

The day was October 29, 2016.  She opened the WordPress notification.  Because she has such lovely followers, she’s used to seeing WordPress notifications in her status bar… But this one was different.

Can you believe it???  I’ve been using WordPress for over 3 years now!  Thank you guys for all of your support and friendbloggership (its a real word! As of now). 

I’ve done a lot in these three years, a good portion of which has — regrettably — not been shared with you all due to laziness.  Hopefully, I will remedy that quickly, but, until then, here’s some pictures of my new haircut which was waaay overdue and that I simply adore.


My kitty, cute kitty, cute cat, cat 

Who’s rather quite, rather quite, fat fat… 

Anyone want to finish my attempted limerik? 

I attended the 2016 Hawk Mania Hawk Watch in Key West this year with my dad, cousin, aunt, and uncle!  We saw a lot of hawks, hahaha! 

Short-Tailed Hawk
Immature Northern Harrier

(If you want to see more, check out my Flickr page by clicking on the widget on the side of the page or by searching “carribeansquid” while in Flickr.)
And, lastly, a pic to make you laugh.

Thank you for three great years, and here’s to many more! *clink-shatter* (I’m terrible at toasts… *wipes hand on tablecloth from Dollar Tree so it doesn’t matter*)


The Birds Are Back!

Today, as I sat here and ate my breakfast with my back to the lanai, Zoe said, “Hey look, there’s a leetle bird in de grass.” Since all that visits our backyard in the summer are Cardinals, Blue Jays, Mockingbirds, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Mourning Doves, and the occasional Red-Shouldered Hawk, I turned around in my seat very quickly.  Lo and behold, there was my first Palm Warbler of the season!  Then we both spotted our first Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher of the season in the mulberry tree! 😀 Very happy to watch God’s little jewels on this overcast-but-otherwise-fine morning. So, welcom back, little ones; may your stay be filled with yummy bugs and berries!

Squid (and Zoe)

The Hunt!

I shot this Mockingbird with my dad on Tuesday, so it is still breaking news.  It’s the chronicles of a great and glorious hunt that I had the privilege to observe.

Regal and commanding King Mockingbird is hunting. *fanfare*


He scans the ground for his next meal and provides me with a great shot. I got both orange eyes in one picture!


Closer, closer…


He bags his prey!  With his… um… beak.


Ahh, the sweet, sweet taste of victory.


Hope you enjoyed my little story and God’s glorious creation!



Hello, hello,
Where did you go?
I’ve chased you about,
With no luck to recount,
But a picture to remember you by.

Hello, hello,
With whom do you go?
While I chase you ’round the clock,
You are always with your flock,
While I struggle on foot by my lonely self.

Hello, hello,
In what key do you sing?
With harmonious melodies
God has assigned you to me.
My heart is glad when you sing.

Hello, hello,
To where do you go?
Up high in the sky,
To “away” you fly,
I scan the sky in vain.

Goodbye, goodbye,
Too far do you fly,
Away from my eyes,
A small dot in the sky,
Warbling a sweet, sweet

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