On Passing

No, I didn’t mess up the phrase “in passing.”  Why do you have so little faith in me??

Passing is one of the oddest maneuvers in driving that I’ve had to learn.  That and three-point-turns but we won’t talk about that.  Passing is like, “Hi, I really don’t like the speed at which you’re driving, so I’m going to demonstrate how the gas pedal works.  You’re welcome.”


Ithe only safe driver on the road that I ever see, often get passed because of my failure to endanger everyone’s lives by reckless driving cave into the peer pressure of going 10 miles above the speed limit in a construction zone.  It used to sting a bit, but it doesn’t anymore.


The best way to avoid getting pulled over is to not break the law.  I know… *pwush* (I have no idea how to spell minds getting blown, so bear with me.)

Anyway, passing on a two-lane, two-way road seems like one of the scariest things any human ever will have to attempt.  That and everything about highways. *ahhhhhh*  It is rarely justified, except when the person ahead of you is going super slow or is super big and blocking your view of traffic.

Truthfully, that’s the only reason that you should ever pass in general!  You arriving at the red light 15 seconds before me is not an admirable goal… really.


P.S. I also passed my driver’s test today.  I’m rather squealing with joy and happiness and walking on rainbows relieved.  I have no idea how well I did, except that I bombed the “parking on the grade” question and didn’t fail anything else.  The instructor didn’t tell me much, lol.

P.P.S. “On your left”

Follow-Up to “You Might Be a Nerd If…”

Hey, everyone!

Remember that one post I wrote called You Might Be A Nerd If…?  Well, in it, I promised that if I got 5 additions in the comment section, I would update the post.

I only got 3 comments with other situations that demonstrate possible nerdiness.

But, I want to celebrate the 3 people who came up with great answers on the spur of the moment. 🙂

You might be a nerd if…

  1. “You have 12 bookcases and only one TV” -Elisa
  2. “When you begin to notice redundancies in the non-fiction literature that you devour, that may indicate ‘nerdiness’.” -Gabriel
  3. “If you try to pick up the out of reach TV remote… using the Force.” –Anthony Taylor – WRITE OF MIGHT:

Thanks, guys, for your contributions!  I believe that, in that case, though I don’t quite have 12 bookcases, I still count as a nerd.  How about you?

Now, I have more followers — and active ones at that, so, what can you come up with?  It doesn’t have to be something that defines you as a nerd, but something your family or friends does/says.  Now that you have some great examples, I expect some sort of participation. 🙂


Happy (Hamiltonian) Hanukkah!

Today, (it being the third night of Hanukkah and all) I realized that the Jewish community really likes Hamilton — that killer (pun intended) musical sweeping the nation — and parodies.  So, without further ado (unless my Hamiltonian sister has any more complaints about how disrespectful I’m being to the great musical), here are our favorite Jewish remakes of Hamilton, plus a few other Hanukkah parodies. 🙂

Chappy Chanukkah, guys! 🙂


A 1D Hanukkah

I’m not a One Direction fangirl, by a long shot, but there are a couple songs I like if theirs simply for the musical value… The lyrics could be taken out and I wouldn’t be too sad.  That being said, I do know way too many songs of theirs, enough that I can appreciate a good parody.  Couple this with growing up in Messianic Judiasm, and a Hanukkah parody of 1D songs is too good to pass up.

Happy (early) Hanukkah (the first night coincides with Christmas this year!), everyone, even the One-Directioners out there!  😋 

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