“I don’t have a dad.”

This sentence was spoken to me by a 8 or 9 year old girl at a water park in Orlando last year.  She had come up to me and asked me my name, how old I was, the typical questions you ask when you want a friend at a water park.  You know?  Then she asked if the man who had been talking to me was my dad.  I said yes.  (It was) She said bluntly, as only a child could, “That’s my mom over there, but I don’t have a dad.”  I knew I couldn’t get into a discussion about genetics with her, so I asked just nodded and said something like, “I’m sorry.”  She then asked my dad if he could be her dad for the day or something like that.  He said OK, as he loves kids, even if they are not his. 🙂  (He majored in youth ministry in college)  We three played around in the water, getting dumped on by the giant bucket, squirting the rest of my cousins, and just having fun.  That was back in June or July of 2014.  I forgot her name, but I haven’t forgotten her story.  She is only one of many, many kids who are growing up without a dad in our country.  I never realized how blessed I was to have 2 dads.  My step-dad at my house, and my real dad whom I see 2x a week.  Every week.  This little girl, and so many others like her, don’t have another parent.  They don’t know anything different, and its hard to miss what you don’t have, as I learned with having divorced parents, but do you know how easy that makes it to witness to them?  Looking back I wish I could have told her that yes, she does have a father!  He created her!  He loves her immensely!  But I didn’t.  And that’s in the past.  But now I’m writing about her, in hopes that I can make up for that missed opportunity.  If there is someone you know who needs Christ, look for the thing missing in their life, the hole that only God can fill.  It’s there, don’t worry.  Ask God to reveal it to you, so you can effectively witness to them. 

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

Psalm 68:5 NIV

Racing Shadows

Dogs chase tails,
Cats chase lasers,
We think what we do matters most.
Racing our shadows.

Imaginary competition drives us,
Voices inside our heads. 
What is the good of it? 

More, more, more,
Money, love, time.
Can we not use what we have
before we want more? 

God gives us all we need
To make a difference
But still we plead
For more than we can handle.

These are the attitudes
Forgotten by the world.

As God’s ambassadors
To the lost
We need to shine with our hearts;
Make them pause,
See Jesus living in us,
Why are we different?


Idols in the 21st Century?

People say we don’t worship idols anymore.  I say differently.  We sacrifice truth to the idol of pride, and our children to the idol of convenience, which is another way to describe abortion.  I’m not proud to be an American, and I hate to say it, but the lack of persecution has made the church very tolerant.  “With compromise in our eyes, and pressure from peers, we renege on our decisions that we once held so dear.”  (From dc Talk’s Jesus Loves Me) In other countries that have no broken promise of religious freedom, as we have in America, the church is growing.  In America it is dropping, due to peer pressure, the next generation being indoctrinated with atheism (called, science) and leaving the church out of confusion, and us not having answers to the skeptic’s questions, leading the children to believe there are none.  This is a crisis!  And the problem is, only a handful of the country’s Christian population realizes it!  Ken Ham addresses this topic in his book, Six Days, which I heartily recommend reading.  The atheists, (scientists… reasonable people as Bill Nye calls them) are aiming their cannons at our foundation, while we are aiming ours at important problems to be sure, but only balloons in the grand scheme of things, such as gay marriage, abortion, etc., at each other, or even at our own foundation.  We are on a foundation of solid rock, and they are in sinking sand.  Why then are we not uniting as Paul tells us to so many times, but making our own denominations, or nondenominational in some cases,arguing over which is better?  We host parties, saying come to our church!  Christ is the answer!  Which yes, he is, but nobody is going to care if their science teachers (atheists) are telling them the Bible is false! 

Adolf Hitler once said,
“If I can control over the textbooks, I’ll control the country.”

I think the atheists who now run our country have found this to be true.  When the only position Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Disneyworld has is evolution, what do you think the kids are going to believe???  (Seriously, for those of you who’ve never been, inside the big golf ball at Epcot is a slightly inclined ride telling you how amazing evolution is.  I was like, really??) 

As the body if Christ, shouldn’t we be doing something?  I’m sorry for the blog rant, but this is an issue that I think about every day, hear about every day, and wish was gone every day.  I try my best to equip myself with knowledge to refute the atheists, and my friend Gabriel teaches a class on Apologetics (the discipline of defending a position (often religious) through the systematic use of information.)  at our homeschool co-op which has helped a lot. 

I hope this has opened your eyes a little more to the troubling times facing the Church in America if we don’t do something.  Please pray about this, because it is serious.  I once heard someone say, “Pray as if the outcome of the situation rests in your hands, which truly, it does.” 


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