Where Am I Going From Here?


A year ago today, I posted this picture on my blog. ^^  under the title “Where Do I Go From Here?

The subjects are the directional keys on my previous laptop, the one that I had built with my dad years and years ago.  I was rather proud of how my quick pic turned out, and the post got a good deal of attention from my lovely followers. 🙂  Little did I know, but this antique trusty old Dell would be replaced at the turn of the school year, which was only about a month later.

Here I am, a year later, and I’m still using its replacement, a cheap but generally reliable ASUS.  It’s served me well, but the memories I have with its predecessor can never be replaced. 🙂

However, by the time this actually posts (I’m writing this ahead of time on Thursday night), I’ll be leaving Floridia and heading to Gah-jah as a halfway point between home and Ohaih.  So, the title actually fits rather well. except for the fact that you know where I’m going.

I also started Algebra II this Tuesday and I’m super pumped!!  I got a used TI-84 calculator and it is my new favorite thing!



Shoutout to new adventures with an old(ish) laptop and new-to-me calculator!


Eyes Closing


A poem I wrote a year ago yesterday resurfaced, and I realized that it fit almost perfectly with Daredevil, the blind Marvel superhero.  Originally, I had written the poem about the phenomenon that occurs when you first close your eyes, but poems are supposed to have multiple layers, right?

The source photo was found at Guiding Tech.com.  I do not claim ownership of it in any way and all credit belongs to them.  I simply added my poem as an overlay.



Follow-Up to “You Might Be a Nerd If…”

Hey, everyone!

Remember that one post I wrote called You Might Be A Nerd If…?  Well, in it, I promised that if I got 5 additions in the comment section, I would update the post.

I only got 3 comments with other situations that demonstrate possible nerdiness.

But, I want to celebrate the 3 people who came up with great answers on the spur of the moment. 🙂

You might be a nerd if…

  1. “You have 12 bookcases and only one TV” -Elisa
  2. “When you begin to notice redundancies in the non-fiction literature that you devour, that may indicate ‘nerdiness’.” -Gabriel
  3. “If you try to pick up the out of reach TV remote… using the Force.” –Anthony Taylor – WRITE OF MIGHT:

Thanks, guys, for your contributions!  I believe that, in that case, though I don’t quite have 12 bookcases, I still count as a nerd.  How about you?

Now, I have more followers — and active ones at that, so, what can you come up with?  It doesn’t have to be something that defines you as a nerd, but something your family or friends does/says.  Now that you have some great examples, I expect some sort of participation. 🙂


Garages And Musty Sheds

There’s no smell I like better,
Than an old garage or shed,
Musty and old,
Scattered with things that are dead.

Filled with tools and wood,
And an old tractor which could
With some oil,
Be persuaded to work again.

Memories of grandparents,
Basements and more,
Evoked by the smell
Of dead spiders galore.


P.S. I wrote this poem over a year ago, and I recently learned that this smell I adore so much is probably oil.  But… I don’t feel like changing the poem so please enjoy it for the rhythm and sentiment instead. 🙂

What?? Two??

I cannot believe it!!  Adam is two!!  (See??  I’m using two punctuation marks if I can.) Two years ago today, a little baby boy was born into our lives, and we can’t stand the cuteness!  He has enriched our lives so much and brought us all closer together.  He’s our little chicken-eating ray of sunshine.

DSC_6367 - Adam holding chicken smiling

I feel a special connection to him too, because, at that age, I looked just like him!!  Let’s see if I can rustle up any pictures to compare…


This is all I could find, but I think you can see the resemblance. 🙂

DSC_6359 - DUH BUB

He’s a happy “Bubs” (as we often call him), and I love watching him grow up from an inquisitive toddler to an intelligent little boy.  We all adore him and can’t wait to enjoy another year with him!

Love you, bro.


P.S. I think that the picture of me counts as a #tbt pic, so happy Throwback Thursday!

The One and Only Math Day in May …

… was yesterday.  Hey, if I post about all of them on the day of, you will eventually get bored and stop looking for them on your own.  So, did you notice 5+11=16? 
Also, that was the anniversary of our adoption of May, our Gray Panther. (She likes to think that she’s on the level of King T’Challa of Wakanda from Marvel Comics, hence the nickname.) Right now she is trying to not fall off of my windowsill as she gazes lovingly at all the birds she can’t kill.  So predator. Much hunt. (Sorry, my inner doge slipped out.)
Yesterday was also our friend Daniel’s 18th birthday, meaning he is now completely mature and responsible. Wishing him luck as he navigates adulting.
This year is a scary year for birthdays, as I and quite a few of my friends also born in 2000 are going to turn 16, (!!!!) my friend Emily is turning 20, and of course, Daniel turning 18. Also, my little sister is going to turn 13 in February, and I’m totally questioning reality.  Stressed Out by Twenty-One Pilots is ringing truer every day.


Ollie’s in August

I’m not going to post long sagas of pictures very often, but I realized that I had a folder full of pictures (from Ollie’s Pond Park back in August) that I wanted to share.

This Green Heron actually let me get close enough to take his picture. Always a plus. 🙂


An unmistakable Black-Bellied Whistling Duck, standing majestically in light from the setting sun.


I liked this picture’s perspective.


A Tri-Colored Heron bathing?  I can’t quite remember what he was doing, but it made for a nice couple of shots!

DSC_6839 DSC_6840 DSC_6857

A wonderful Florida day…


Baby ducks!!!  These ducklings belong to a Black-Bellied Whistling Duck like the one earlier.


A Northern Mockingbird frosted in sunlight.


A silhouetted Double-Crested Cormorant.


And the amazing sunset God blessed us with.



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