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The Privilege of Prayer

It's a privilege, Lord To talk to You in prayer You bend your ear And listen there My filthy soul You see as clean All because of Christ in me I know this is the third poem in a row, so if you don't like poetry, sorry, haha.  If you do like poetry, then here's … Continue reading The Privilege of Prayer

J-SALT fam

J-SALT fam

The rain came down / And the friends came / Together The power of piano / And paper airplanes / Thank you, Sarah / Paul The dining hall / Is now my home / And J-SALT / Family I don't like how WordPress formats my poetry in the excerpt for the posts, so I'm trying … Continue reading J-SALT fam


I watched you cry today. Your little feet were carrying you as fast as they could, when,  BAM!   Forehead, meet wall. The waterworks came with a loud scream. Mommy was back on duty, and sister-recreation time was over... Or so I thought. Less than a minute later, you're back to Running.   With tears … Continue reading Running