Random Thoughts (Updated Regularly)

“I forgot that there were 33 days in July.” 7/31/2016

I’m constantly torn between wanting desperately to fit in and recoiling in disgust from even the idea of that desire. 4.11.18

“Oh, come on, you sad excuse for a tear-here strip…” -Syd 10.4.17

Just realized that RaceTrac doesn’t have a K in their name. 9.14.17

In Latin the verb “tacēre” is pronounced like “talk” but yet means “to be silent”. Irony…

How did the musical instrument “recorder” get its name?

You can’t stand for something (or someone) without as a result standing against something (or someone) too.

Spring has sprung when the Parula’s song is sung.

How did pickleball get its name?!

Jackets with no sleeves
Don’t really keep you warm much
But they look so cool

Why is it that Apple packaging seems to hold up better than the product inside? (Not to mention the fact that an iPhone box weighs more than the phone itself…)

Great men can’t be bought. That’s what makes them great.

The less you have, the more you appreciate it. The more you have, the less. 8.6.16

Brandon Sanderson is the greatest writer I’ve ever read. 8.8.16

House smells like Target
Midnight coffee-brewing
Thanks for that, step-dad.
8.15.16 11:40pm

Why can’t there be a chocolate-maker who puts the chocolate bar in upside-down so that those of us who open the package like an envelope can have an already-right-side-up bar?

I’m a child of the light who trips on shadows. 6.22.17

I’m so good at sleeping, I can do it in my sleep. 6.10.17

I can’t stand sitting down. 6.10.17

Absurdity can only be classified as such when there are those who know better. 8.8.17

Be a woman who inspires men to be gentlemen. 8.10.17