YouVersion’s Fluff Faith

You guys want to know what bugs me?

Oh, wait, I guess you read the title and already know.  Good for you!

The Bible is very important to me.

When I was little, I had a Story Book Bible that my parents would read to me.  Then I had an NIV Adventure Bible for kids.  Since then, I’ve upgraded to a 1999 NIV Life Application Study Bible that is heavier and thicker than two or maybe three of my family’s slim Bibles put together.  I have a black case with a handle and multiple pockets in it for my pens, sticky notes, journal, etc.

However, I also use the YouVersion Bible app on my phone.  It’s really helpful when I want to compare versions, quickly look up a verse, or just have the Bible always on me.

But I’m not satisfied with the app’s focus.

It has a number of Bible-reading plans to jump right into (I just finished one called Truth Seeker and I’m in the middle of a great Read the Bible in a Year plan), there are so few that are Biblically meat-y, if they’re not prosperity-focused.  There are a plethora of ‘Christian’ celebs who write short, promotional (for their next book and/or for a better you) devos, and it’s a bit discouraging to have to wade through all of the milk to find any of the actual meat.

Psalm 119.143

And I am almost constantly frustrated by their Bible verse images.  They make these really hip, millennial-inspired images with a Bible verse (or part of one) in some fancy script, but there’s rarely any correlation between the image and the verse!

Thankfully, they give you the option to make your own.  Unfortunately, out of the 30 or so images they give you to choose from, there is:

  • 1 person praying
  • 1 cross (looking very pretty, mind you)
  • One church steeple
  • Only a couple of straight paths (rest wind through deserts, forests, etc.)

There is NO artsy picture of a Bible (of which the internet is filled!), of Jesus on the cross, or of anything else remotely Biblical.  They are mostly pretty sunsets, mountains, forests, and windy paths or pretty lights and bokeh.  There is an option to use your own picture, but I rarely want to invest that much time Googling the perfect picture.

Plus, they recommend all these “Your Best Year Now Bible Reading Plans” at the turn of the year, and it’s really annoying, haha.

The millennial influence is pervasive and I’m not impressed it one iota.  However, there are a lot of good tools on the app, and it’s nice to be able to be friends with people and see what they’re studying, so it stays on my phone.

I’m not sure how to end this, haha, I didn’t really have an end goal in mind when I started writing this… I guess that I recommend the YouVersion Bible app, but take it with a grain of salt. 😉


Being Truly IN the Word

In the Word… What a phrase!  You hear it pretty often in Christian circles in regards to reading the Bible.  It just struck me today how accurate this should be when we say it!

We say “in” when we are immersed in something.  Over our heads in the pool of truth, hair wet and dripping.  People notice when people have wet hair, and the world should notice when we’ve been immersed in the Word.

The problem is — at least for me, that when I use the phrase, I often mean that I did my YouVersion plan devotional, scanned the reading for the day just to see the check mark and “You’re all caught up!” message, and then went about my day.

But that’s not Bible study!

When you want a relationship with someone, you don’t just see the notification for their message and swipe it away or click on it and send a quick response, then ignore them.  I mean, you could, but it wouldn’t be effective in building a relationship.

A good conversation that builds closeness in a relationship comes from quality time spent delving into the mind of the other.  Is that how you would describe your prayer life, the time you spend in the Word?

It’s a commitment, but, after all, nothing worth having is easily attained.


My Father’s Chivalry

I’ve never dated, yet I have a pretty good idea of what romantic love feels like.  My father picks me up on Tuesdays from my mom’s house and we either go birding, get dinner, go back to his house and play games, watch TV, or play music (or a mixture of these).  During these activities, we talk, cuddle, laugh, and make crazy memories.  He’s quite the gentleman and holds the door for me at restaurants, kisses me on the head while we’re watching a movie and cuddling, and holds my hand when we’re driving (allowing that he can afford to take one hand off the wheel).  He texts me randomly during the day, telling me that he loves me.  We joke that when (if) I ever am in a relationship like that with a guy, I’ll have some pretty high standards because of the amazing example my daddy’s been.  And, there’s always some truth behind every joke.  I know what it feels like to be loved and cherished, and I won’t settle for anything less than chivalrous.

Chivalry  is almost outdated these days, as the feminist agenda has permeated most of our culture.  If women are equal to men, why should men treat women as delicate, special, and loved ones to be cherished?  Something I’m very thankful for is that at our church, young men are encouraged to hold the doors for ladies by the very example of their elders.  I’ve had all ages of “men” hold the door open for me, even down to the youngest son of our pastor.  That is something very dear falling from grace in our everyday lives.

But even more than affectionate love on the spur of the moment, I have my Savior’s example of true, sacrificial love for me.  Instead of letting me perish, he gave his own life away.

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

“In the same way, husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church.”

My Heavenly Father loves me so much that even when I was a sinner, he died.  For me!  Can you believe that?  And, even when I fail to realize how much I owe, he forgives that and gives me more understanding.

I know that no mere mortal man can ever measure up to these high standards, but they’re a good target to aim for, right? 🙂  I thank God for my father, and for the example he has been and constantly is in my life.

Dear Daddy,

Your loving,


Quotes Challenge, Day 2

Welcome back to the Quotes Challenge!  I’m your host, the Squid.  On today’s episode, 3 more lucky people will be nominated to join our quote campaign and you will get to see 3 more of my favorite quotes.  *canned applause*

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”
—Herman Melville


And, last but not least:


The nominees are… *drumroll*

  1. Wesley the mathie from Generally Normal Science
  2. Teddy’s New Bear
  3. Em from Literary Moose and Glory Glory Writings

Thanks for watching reading and tune in next time for part 3!

If you missed the last episode, then click here to see how it all began. 🙂


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