Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  My family has a big weekend planned, but I wanted to get a post in before I started school again next week.  (I got a whole week off for Turkey Day!) 

Things I’m thankful for: 

-My friend Bri finally gave me my birthday presents a couple days ago, including a Marvel fleece throw blanket! 

Adam and I have been having lots of fun with it and it is sooooo soft and comfy!! 

-I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music except right around Christmas, so I was a bit annoyed to turn my radio on the morning to the WayFM and hear Christmas music on Thanksgiving!!  The JoyFM will start tomorrow, but Klove isn’t playing any unless you want to go to their website or their app.  THANK GOODNESS! Hahaha it makes me so happy. 

-A couple weeks ago, after my volunteering shift was done at the library but my mom wasn’t there yet, I checked out (library pun) the library bookstore and found a book of mysteries by Isaac Asimov!  The pages were yellowed, the cover deteriorating, but that just made it better!  So, for the pricey sum of $1, I gained one of the greatest books I’ve read this entire year!  Isaac Asimov’s Casebook of the Black Widowers!  It’s the third in a series about the Black Widowers, and I love it so very much! 

Things I’m looking forward to:

-Today, we’re heading out to our pastor’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, which guarantees a great time!  

-On Saturday morning, my Bright Lights group is doing an outreach at a nursing home in our community.  We’ll be playing music, performing a skit, and reciting memory verses.  I am heading up the music part along with my friend, Lauren, and our leader, Hannah.  I will be playing guitar while Lauren plays the piano and Nadene also plays the guitar.  The rest of our group will be singing. 🙂 We’ve had a couple bumps in the road and lots of key changes, but it’s on the right track!  

 -Later that day, there will be a pie contest at our church!  They need people to eat all that pie, and I reluctanly agreed… Lol just kidding.  I am no baker, but I like pie. 🙂

Thanks for reading! 


You Might Be A Nerd If…

You are elated when given new school supplies.

You have to go down the pens isle every time you go to a store.

Your heart warms when someone says, “Wow, you’re so smart!”

You ADORE libraries.

Your books have to be over 300 pages. (Minus pictures)

You have perfected your evil laugh.

You reference books that most of your friends won’t read for years.


We have all witnessed things that assure us and/or our friends that we (or they) are hilariously nerdy, so please add more of these unmistakable signs in the comment section below.  I’ll update the post with your suggestions credited to you once I get at least five unique comments, but I won’t make the comments public so you won’t know where you fall in that quota. Mwahahahahahaha…… *cough* sputter* cough* *regains composure like nothing happened*


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