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I watched you cry today. Your little feet were carrying you as fast as they could, when,  BAM!   Forehead, meet wall. The waterworks came with a loud scream. Mommy was back on duty, and sister-recreation time was over... Or so I thought. Less than a minute later, you're back to Running.   With tears … Continue reading Running 


How to Cook (Courtesy of Bubs)

The following professional process was procured by permission from my brother Adam, affectionately dubbed "The Bubs", "Bubsy", and often, simply, "Bubs".  Please enjoy, with compliments from the chef. Step 1: Ask big sister for permission to use her small green eraser for this recipe. Step 2: Take the aforementioned eraser of mistakes to tiny kitchenette. … Continue reading How to Cook (Courtesy of Bubs)