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I’m Gonna Miss My Lil Bro

I’m Gonna Miss My Lil Bro

Giggles, squeals And smol smiles galore, Adam and I Rough house-ing on the floor He pushes me over And I roll on my back He jumps into my arms And I hug him right back With his face right near mine His volume down to a 2, He rubs our noses together, and says "Ugga … Continue reading I’m Gonna Miss My Lil Bro



I watched you cry today. Your little feet were carrying you as fast as they could, when,  BAM!   Forehead, meet wall. The waterworks came with a loud scream. Mommy was back on duty, and sister-recreation time was over... Or so I thought. Less than a minute later, you're back to Running.   With tears … Continue reading Running