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A Thang With Wangs

A Thang With Wangs

Flying insects use all sorts of creative methods to get from from point A to point B. About 54.5 million to 37 million years ago, at least one species of beetle was using wings that looked like helicopter propellers to get around, Science News reports. (Source: Prehistoric Beetle Had Wings Like Helicopter Blades - Mental Floss) … Continue reading A Thang With Wangs

The Truth is Unchanging

I hope that the reblog I posted last week made you really think about what you believe, and helped you see what you don't. Today I'm going to repost one of my own blog posts from a while back, a poem.  This summed up what I believed and still do.  I hope you enjoy it and that … Continue reading The Truth is Unchanging

“Falling” In Love

I'm not going to write a long post about Valentine's Day, instead I'll simply share a quote from Grammarly.com... You can't blame gravity for falling in love.   Albert Einstein Also I'm going to recommend an absolutely hilarious video by YouTube comedians Studio C.  I can't recall the exact name, but if you search "valentines … Continue reading “Falling” In Love