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I watched you cry today. Your little feet were carrying you as fast as they could, when,  BAM!   Forehead, meet wall. The waterworks came with a loud scream. Mommy was back on duty, and sister-recreation time was over... Or so I thought. Less than a minute later, you're back to Running.   With tears … Continue reading Running 


On Solar eclipses… 

Although Floridians only get a partial viewing of this solar eclipse, I'm still really excited!!   As I write this, my dad and sister are in the pool (the true Floridian way to wait), and I'm monitoring the camera equipment.  Focusing on the sun is fun... *not* I found a great blog post on the incredible design … Continue reading On Solar eclipses… 

Watching… Remembering

Hanging on the wall There, The opaquely-backed panes of glass Watching... Remembering... The family's Comings and goings, Tears and joy. All stored within A reflection of ourselves. Mirrors they are, And for a lifetime will remain, But even they, With all their memories Cannot adequately reflect The true emotions observed.  Squid