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On Hurricanes

On Hurricanes

A hurricane is about to hit my house. I usually don't comment on current events, but this one is a little different. A hurricane is about to hit my family. A hurricane is about to hit my community. --- My family moved to Florida about a year after Hurricane Charley pretty much destroyed the very … Continue reading On Hurricanes


Turtlenecks and Sandals/Toe Socks?

Today is the second day of super awesome chilly weather (62° at 9:36am) for southern Florida!  And you guessed it, I'm wearing toe socks with sandals plus a comfy oversized turtleneck sweater.  I also discovered something about turtlenecks... You can look like a ninja!!  Hahahaha Happy ninja-ing today in the cooler air!  Squid

Welcome to Florida

On another note, seeing this small dragon stalking the land strengthens my belief that dragons and dinos existed, and people like St. George hunted them to extinction.  And in the case of these kids, where's St. George when you need him? 🙂 Squid