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J-SALT fam

J-SALT fam

The rain came down / And the friends came / Together The power of piano / And paper airplanes / Thank you, Sarah / Paul The dining hall / Is now my home / And J-SALT / Family I don't like how WordPress formats my poetry in the excerpt for the posts, so I'm trying … Continue reading J-SALT fam



http://wp.me/p1qd32-j9 My friend Emily was a Senior Counselor this summer at the same camp that I worked at as a Junior Counselor.  She just wrote a post detailing her thoughts on this summer, and it is highly worth reading.  I echo so many of her sentiments, and her heart for God shines through it beautifully.  Soooooooo go read it.  Now.  Good job. … Continue reading {summertime}