Things I Have(n’t) Learned About Driving 

  • Parking space are suggestions that you should usually follow, unless you’re in a hurry.
  • The same applies to speed limits, except that nobody actually follows them everyone’s in a hurry? 👀
  • Headlights in the rain are optional and are totally not the law in Florida…
  • Blinkers are optional, and pretty useless, especially when you’re only changing lanes in the middle of an intersection. 😒
  • City vehicles don’t look like cops at all, especially when they follow you for an entire mile. *pffft*
  • Pedestrians are *always* aware of their surroundings when they try to cross the road.
  • Cyclists aren’t vehicles and it is therefore perfectly legal for them to drive travel against traffic in the same lane as cars.
  • Vehicle drivers have no problem seeing people dressed in all black at night, therefore, people who wear reflectors are just wasting time.

Disclaimer: This is all satire. Please do not think I am this bad of a driver. 😣

On Hurricanes

A hurricane is about to hit my house.

I usually don’t comment on current events, but this one is a little different.

A hurricane is about to hit my family.

A hurricane is about to hit my community.

My family moved to Florida about a year after Hurricane Charley pretty much destroyed the very town we were moving to.  The town was (is?) still rebuilding.

That was the last real hurricane to cause any actual destruction.  In the 10 years inbetween, we’ve had Isaac, Whilma, and maybe two others that gave us some wind and a lot of rain, but we lost, like, a shingle from each.  

So, most Floridians don’t take hurricans seriously. 

However, deep down inside me, I’ve always wanted to be in a life or death situation (camp doesn’t count) with my family and come through it together.

Now, as Irma barrels toward (through?) my hometown — with Jose not too far behind, I’m not even going to be there.

I’m in Ohio.  

Go figure.

Today (Saturday) originally was the day that we were going to start heading home. But, you know, that tends to seem unwise when everyone is leaving the state you would be going back to.  

I’m not sure how to feel.  

On the one hand, I’m relieved not to be in the middle of 150mph winds and likely power outages.  

On the other hand, my family isn’t evacuating!!  My family is right in the path of a Category 4 (think, really destructive) hurricane.

I’m actually really scared for them.  I want to be there, surviving with them.  I want us to be a family.   But here I am, powerless to anything but watch from the sidelines and, oh wait, pray!  

Please join me in praying often for the survivors of Harvey who have the difficult task of rebuilding their homes and lives, and for the soon-to-be survivors of Irma who will, God willing, be picking up their own pieces.  

They need our support.  Let’s give it to ’em.

Aaaannndd I still have some memes I wasn’t able to fit into the post, soooo:

Some public safety announcements:

And the rest… 

Alright guys, stay safe, and please keep Floridians in your prayers!!


P.S. The reason for all the memes is because (why not??) humor is often a defense against fear and/or uncomfortability.  It helps me look at the bright side (we’ve got some pretty funny people out there), and helps lighten the mood a bit, even though I’m kinda freaking out.

To My Mommy,


This picture makes me so happy inside.

I love my Mom, and I really like telling her random things, even when it’s not practical.  I think I do this because I love her and because I really really really want her to know that I want her to be the one to whom I tell the things I think about.  So, this is what I’ve really been saying. 🙂

Dear Mom, if that hasn’t been clear, I apologize.  Please take this as a coupon for a free hug.  It’s reusable, never expires, and my hugs are never out of stock. 🙂

My Professional-Mommy-and-Co-ruler-of-Household is really great and tolerant.  Wanna know why?  Her birthday is the 16th, which means it’s really close to Mother’s Day.  Like those with birthdays near Christmas or Father’s Day, it often leads people to only giving her one set of cards, presents, or blog posts. (sorry!)

This year, I got her a present and wrote her a blog post.  Hopefully, that covers it… it’s kinda hard on us kids because we never know what to write on her cards/blog titles.

So, in honor of my mother, I’m going to formally extend “Mother’s Day” to “Mother’s Three Days” so that this post isn’t late we can celebrate her even more; I mean, she deserves it.

And, it was her partially her niceness that made this post late… you see, she let us go over to our pastor’s house yesterday after church.  They left for vacation this morning, and we won’t see them for more than a couple weeks, *cries*, so it was an unexpected blessing to be able to spend almost the entire day with them instead of just the morning at church.
Although the parents told us many times that we would leave soon, they actually allowed us to stay for much longer than we were originally told, and it was an incredible blessing to stay so long with such awesome friends.  Because of this, I was not able to compose this post until today.  So, Mom proved her own awesomeness at her own expense, therefore proving again how selfless she is. 🙂


The X-Men Walk Into a Bar

The X-Men walk into a bar.

Except for Kitty Pride, who simply phases through it.
And Nightcrawler, who teleports past it just in time.The Professor rolls right under it in his wheelchair.
The beautiful Storm was flying above it, of course.
So, truly, Wolverine and Colossus were the only ones.

A couple of X-Men walk into a bar. 

Wolverine orders a beer.