To My Mommy,


This picture makes me so happy inside.

I love my Mom, and I really like telling her random things, even when it’s not practical.  I think I do this because I love her and because I really really really want her to know that I want her to be the one to whom I tell the things I think about.  So, this is what I’ve really been saying. 🙂

Dear Mom, if that hasn’t been clear, I apologize.  Please take this as a coupon for a free hug.  It’s reusable, never expires, and my hugs are never out of stock. 🙂

My Professional-Mommy-and-Co-ruler-of-Household is really great and tolerant.  Wanna know why?  Her birthday is the 16th, which means it’s really close to Mother’s Day.  Like those with birthdays near Christmas or Father’s Day, it often leads people to only giving her one set of cards, presents, or blog posts. (sorry!)

This year, I got her a present and wrote her a blog post.  Hopefully, that covers it… it’s kinda hard on us kids because we never know what to write on her cards/blog titles.

So, in honor of my mother, I’m going to formally extend “Mother’s Day” to “Mother’s Three Days” so that this post isn’t late we can celebrate her even more; I mean, she deserves it.

And, it was her partially her niceness that made this post late… you see, she let us go over to our pastor’s house yesterday after church.  They left for vacation this morning, and we won’t see them for more than a couple weeks, *cries*, so it was an unexpected blessing to be able to spend almost the entire day with them instead of just the morning at church.
Although the parents told us many times that we would leave soon, they actually allowed us to stay for much longer than we were originally told, and it was an incredible blessing to stay so long with such awesome friends.  Because of this, I was not able to compose this post until today.  So, Mom proved her own awesomeness at her own expense, therefore proving again how selfless she is. 🙂


Garages And Musty Sheds

There’s no smell I like better,
Than an old garage or shed,
Musty and old,
Scattered with things that are dead.

Filled with tools and wood,
And an old tractor which could
With some oil,
Be persuaded to work again.

Memories of grandparents,
Basements and more,
Evoked by the smell
Of dead spiders galore.


P.S. I wrote this poem over a year ago, and I recently learned that this smell I adore so much is probably oil.  But… I don’t feel like changing the poem so please enjoy it for the rhythm and sentiment instead. 🙂

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