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Sh’nah Tovah!

Sh’nah Tovah!

This post was written during my stepdad's sermon at our synagogue on Yom T'ruah, so it's a mixture of convictions, insights, and sermon notes.  Please listen to the actual message too, which I've linked to twice now in the same paragraph.  You're welcome. Sh'nah Tovah! (Happy New Year!) The blessing of a new year is not to … Continue reading Sh’nah Tovah!


Happy (Hamiltonian) Hanukkah!

Today, (it being the third night of Hanukkah and all) I realized that the Jewish community really likes Hamilton — that killer (pun intended) musical sweeping the nation — and parodies.  So, without further ado (unless my Hamiltonian sister has any more complaints about how disrespectful I'm being to the great musical), here are our … Continue reading Happy (Hamiltonian) Hanukkah!