Liebster… Mach II

Recently, the amazing Sayl over at Sayl With Pens was nominated for the Liebster Award!  Yayayay go her!!!  Rewind time a bit and I’m doing my Liebster… How time flies. 🙂  Anyhow, she nominated me, and because the super official rules created by Ryo112358 don’t have anything to say about what you’re supposed to do if you get nominated twice, I’m going to make up my own procedure. Here goes nothing!

So, traditionally, I supposed to thank the person who nominated you.  Thank you, Sayl!  I’m looking forward to answering the questions you sent me!  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… hehehe…

The second “traditional” thing to do is write down 11 facts about yourself.  Weeeelll, I’m not sure I’ll do that many, but you never know!

1. I’m homeschooled.  I’m not sure if everyone knew that, but I have been since day one and have never regretted it.  My mom would even threaten me with public school enrollment when I was misbehaving back in the day when I thought that that was a legitimate threat.  Schools don’t exist, right? Hahahahahahaha

2. I wanted a pet my whole life and then, within the past 3 years, I “inherited” a dog and got a cat too! They’re amazing and adorable. 🙂

3. Next year, God willing, at this time, I’ll be braces-free!  #thisismyfightsong

4. I’ve actually gotten paid to take people’s pictures before and I have another job lined up right now!  Thankfully, they’ve all been friends of ours, but it’s still a lot of pressure. 🙂

5. I have a lot of hair.  Like, it’s not even funny.  We call it my “mane” sometimes, and it feels like it most of the time!

6. I have very limited social media accounts.  I don’t use Google Plus on my Google account, don’t have Facebook or Twitter, etc.  The only things I use is WordPress and Flickr, but even Flickr is limited because I don’t surf it at all due to very weird/inappropriate content out there.  I use it for storing and sharing my pictures because they give you a whole terabyte of free storage! 😀 My photo feed is on the side of my blog, and I would love if you would check it out!

7. I’m very picky about my footwear and about the type of note cards I use.  It sounds silly, but it’s true.  Footwear-wise, I wore almost nothing but Converse for a year or two.  A lot of my friends (and their parents) were surprised when I started branching out a bit.  What can I say?  I found a great pair of boots! Good-will, Good-will, Good-will,  (come on guys!  Chant with me!) Good-will!!
I also use a LOT of notecards for my foreign language (Latin) and I can now tell between “good” notecards and “bad” ones.  The thickness, margin size, and other features all are very important. 🙂

8. If it wasn’t already obvious, I love Goodwill!  There are usually super nice people on duty at the charging rooms, and everything is so cheap!!  And, I usually don’t like modern fashions, so finding stuff there without a modern feel is a day-makers for me.  And, finding designer brands for $7 is amazing. 🙂

9. I love superheroes, but in a vintage, “the comics were better” type of way.  All my friends (and their parents) know that if they ask after a movie, “Was this thing/event/person in the comics?” that I’ll usually have the answer.  My uncle indirectly brought about this great love, because my grandma still had some of his old TMNT comics and when I went to her house I would devour them.  I have mostly memorized them by now, but I still love them anyway.

10. I’m a retro-loving music person.  I envy my dad that he went to Petra concerts all the time, went to college with Audio Adrenaline, and saw dc Talk in concert!!  Of course, my kids will probably say similar things about the fact that I’ve seen For King and Country in concert… but still!  My friends have usually never heard of half the music I listen to, like Carman (who?) or Idle Cure.  I just went to my friend Bri’s Sweet 16 and I asked the DJ (one of our friend’s stepdads) to play dc Talk’s “Free At Last” and he was totally shocked by the fact that I knew who dc Talk was.   If you don’t know who they are, think TobyMac, Michael Tait (lead singer of Newsboys), and Kevin Max (lead singer of Audio A in their Kings and Queens days) all in a band.  And that’s what it was! 😀

11. Wow!  I made it to eleven!  Go figure! XD
OK, I am the oldest of 5 kids in a blended family.  I have twin step-sisters who are 8 months younger than I am, a blood-sister who is 3 1/2 years younger than I am, and a 2-year-old half-brother. Interestingly, we have fewer children in our family than many of the families at our church do.  There are families with 12, 10, 9, 8, etc. children and we’re friends with many of them! 😀


Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for, Sayl’s questions!

What’s your favorite season? Why?

Well, in Flordia we have a tiny mashing of winter and summer that most locals call “spring”, a loooonnngg hot summer, a tiny less-hot-than-summer fall period, and an unpredictable winter.  This winter is like spring with lower temperatures.  So, I would have to go with winter. 🙂

If you were asked to meet this new person…would you? How would you introduce yourself?

Yes, I would, but I would stand still for about 5-7 minutes preparing the perfect introduction and praying.  My personality type is extroverted, but I can’t seem to convince my fear of it.  Yet. 🙂  After coming up with the perfect way to approach this unknown person, I’d go up to them and this would probably happen:

Me: “Excuse me.”

Person: “Oh, hi!”

Yeah, then I usually tell them my name awkwardly and we’re either great friends or he/her is totally weirded out.  It really depends.

What’s your biggest fear?

Being scared.  I know God will protect me in every situation or work it out for good, so I’m not scared of the outcome of situations, but I’m scared of the initial grip of panic.  Kinda weird, I know, but true.

That or living a life in which I did nothing for God.  That scares me.

Scared of Heights?

I love heights!  I’m just scared of falling off of them. 😀 Sometimes I get dizzy and have to hold onto the railing or something, but I love the thrill.

Favorite drink?

Mango-flavored sweet tea that isn’t too sweet.  Or, fruit drinks that aren’t artificially flavored with aspartame and/or sucralose.  Seeing stevia or xylitol on an ingredients list makes me want to high-five the company. 🙂

Are you the let’s do the easy way? OR are you the one who will go through complicated processes to get what you want? 

I’m the one that doesn’t mind doing hard things if it’s necessary, but I need to want to eliminate any unnecessary steps along the way, otherwise I get frustrated.  I don’t like wasting my time. (That is a very mob-boss thing to say, don’t you think?)

What’s your favorite thing to do in your pastime? 

Ooh, this is hard.  You’re getting a list… 🙂

  1. Read
  2. Play music
  3. Listening to music while talking to friends online
  4. Math
  5. Watch birds
  6. Take a walk (if weather permits, and I don’t just mean rain)

Are you considered a deep person? Why or why not?

Yes, I think so.  At least, I consider myself to be one. 🙂 I tend to remove myself from the equation and look at the world from a distance.  That gives me some insight that others may not have.

Are you awesome at listing 11 random things about you? Or does it take super long to come up with 11 things? 

I took a while to come up with the ones in this post, but not as long as I expected.

List your favorite blog here! Why are they your favorite blog?

Math With Bad Drawings  His posts are so funny and I love math, so it’s sorta a win-win. 🙂

Have you ever tried to hug someone but it turned out to be a total stranger and it wasn’t who you thought it would be?

No, not exactly.  I think I have been walking behind someone who and saying, like, “Carrie… *person doesn’t turn around* Carrie, *still doesn’t respond* CARRIE!!” To a person who I thought was my sister and was just ignoring me but was actually someone NOT named Carrie. Yeah… That was awkward.


Well, I hope that you got at least one laugh (but hopefully two) from this Q&A and “Let’s-learn-more-about-Squid” session!



Liebster Award Acception

A while ago I found out that I was nominated for the Liebster Award by A from  It seems like this is an award given to little-known bloggers (less than 200 followers) to get their name out there.  So I’ll nominate the people whose posts I look forward to reading everyday, who I’m glad are on WordPress, and who people should know of.

The rules of accepting are:

1. Thank the one who nominated you:

A big thank you to A from for nominating me for this award.  It means a lot!

2. Display the Liebster award logo of choice:


3. Answer the eleven questions posed to you by your nominator:

What is one go-to thing that cheers you up no matter what?

Taking a walk.  Either around the block or the house, as long as I’m outside.  Something about God’s creation and glory always brings me out of a funk.

2. What’s your favorite form of exercise?

Ice skating.  Not figure skating, but speed skating.  I have little-to-no stamina, and I found that this exercise requires very little stamina.  Also, in Florida it eliminates the whole “turning-into-a-puddle-of-human-soup” problem. Yay! 🙂

3. Who is your favorite person in the Bible and why?

I’d have to say Timothy.  He had some faults, but while he was still young he also had one of the best teachers imaginable to train him in the Lord, the apostle Paul.  And today we still have the letters he wrote to young Timothy, full of advice and encouragement, but also warnings.  First and second Timothy are some of my favorite books in the Bible because of that.  He’s a great role model for teenagers. 🙂

4. If you had to choose a vacation destination and money was no object where would you go and why?

Oh, that’s hard…  Probably Attu Island in Alaska.  I’ve dreamed about it ever since I saw it in The Big Year.  It is a huge migratory spot for birds to come to.

5. What would you consider to be the most important aspect of a person’s character?

I had to think about this one for a while.  But I think that they think of wisdom and knowledge is most important, but not to the extreme that they look down on others, humility is very important too.  In the book of Proverbs one of the definitions of a fool is “one who scorns wisdom”, and he who values wisdom above rubies is considered wise.

6. What would you consider to be your ultimate purpose in life?

To proclaim God’s glory to the world so they may turn to him!

7. What goals would you like to accomplish in the next 5 to 10 years?

I’d like to graduate well, and maybe go to college.  I’d love to go on a mission trip, or at least volunteer at the local homeless shelter or something along those lines.  I truly don’t know what God has in store for me, but I’ll trust him through whatever comes.

8. What do you enjoy most about blogging/writing?

It’s a way for me to organize my thoughts and be able to look back at what God has taught me.

9. What are your thoughts on global warming, renewable resources, clean energy, recycling etc?

God called us to be good stewards of his creation, so anything we can do to not poison the earth is a good idea in my mind, but I’m not too worried about running out of resources or anything.  Global warming/cooling is just propaganda, so I’m not worried about that either.

What do you like most about where you live right now?

Once you get over the humidity that fogs up my lens, Florida is a pretty nice place to take pictures, as I heard that batteries lose their charge a lot quicker in extreme cold.  And down here we have a lot of shore birds that are very regal-looking. 🙂

How does it feel to be nominated for this award?

Great!  I am honored that A would pick me, so thank you again!

4. Nominate 11 other bloggers. Unfortunately my computer is having some issues, so I’m only going to nominate these 5, sorry!)

  1. Joy, the Cherry Tree Poet!
  2. Laura (Createarteveryday)
  3. Emily 🙂
  4. Clyde Herrin
  5. The Transmutational Gardener

5. Ask them eleven questions.  But since I’m only nominating 5 people, I’m only going to ask 5 questions.  Also, I can’t think of any others. 🙂

1. What is your most-read book of the Bible, and why?

2. What verse in the Bible really rings true to your heart?  Why? (optional)

3. Favorite thing(s) in all of God’s creation? Why?

4. Favorite author and book(s) by that author? (This one would be really hard for me, so good luck!)

5. What is your greatest fault and in what ways God has taught you through it?

So that’s it!  God bless!


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