Naples Trip Pics

Hey, guys!

Our family recently took a mini vacation for the weekend at a beachfront condo in a town not too far from here but far enough away to feel like far away. 🙂  

While we were there, it rained.  But, it didn’t just rain, it deluged the entire area for a short period of time.  

This made for awesome cloud cover!! Naturally, I took pictures. 

These are the lower-quality versions, so, if you want to see the high-res originals, head over to my Flickr page (link on the side widget with the pics!) and check them out!  


Eyes Closing


A poem I wrote a year ago yesterday resurfaced, and I realized that it fit almost perfectly with Daredevil, the blind Marvel superhero.  Originally, I had written the poem about the phenomenon that occurs when you first close your eyes, but poems are supposed to have multiple layers, right?

The source photo was found at Guiding  I do not claim ownership of it in any way and all credit belongs to them.  I simply added my poem as an overlay.



Picture Post

(just found this draft from over a month ago and am publishing it as-is)

I’ve been taking (and have been in) some interesting pictures lately and thought you guys might enjoy seeing them.  I’d like to know which one is your favorite!

Yup, this is exactly what you think it is!  We had the amazing opportunity to go to an exclusive DVD release party for Tobymac’s (the godfather of Christian hip hop music) new Hits Deep Live CD and DVD.  As a bonus, each of us got a free copy of it and were able to get it signed by the man himself.  I still can’t believe it happened, hehehe!  In case you’re wondering, yes, we did get candy with the CD/DVDs. In case you’re also wondering about our shirts, TheJoyFM is the Christian radio station that put on this release party.  #BeJoy #TheMorningCruise #macblacklabel

(not sure why it’s flipped, sorry)

We went to a beach near us (perk of Florida-living: There’s always a pretty good beach near you) but it was COLD! Probably, like, mid-70s, hahahaha but we ended up using our towels as blankets and didn’t touch the water!  There was a beautiful sunset though and plenty of cute birds! 🙂

Hahaha I was so scared when Carrie and I were playing SMW April Fools Edition and she accidentally rotated my entire display by pushing some combination of keys.  I called tech support (my dad) but he wasn’t quite sure what to do so as he was telling me things to try, I went to the control panel and fixed it by changing the resolution, after somehow rotating it to the upright position.  

Our church needed painting, so we let the men and boys work on that and went shopping instead. The sun was quite bright so we’re making some odd faces, but it was so much fun!  (Yes, our shopping plaza has a giant beach chair for this very purpose.  Aren’t ya jealous?) 

Apparently, Adam Young likes to lean over in pictures.  Also, he is a politician. Like, whaaaaa?  Google it for yourself if you want the juicy deets.  (It’s actually true!)

At dinner one fateful Monday night, my step-dad explained to us the mysteries of binary, hexadecimal, base-10, and everything in between.  MY MIND IS BLOWN AND (as of Tuesday morning) I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN OVER HOW COOL IT IS. And, yes, my breakfast was peanut butter on a bagel with chocolate chips.

Photo Challenge, Day 1

A couple days ago, Bri the Missionary in the Making challenged me to join her in a photo challenge that she found on Blogger.  As soon as she said my name and photo in the same post, I was in! 😀  Today’s prompt word is Intricate, so I immediately thought of nature (which I almost capitalized… thanks a lot, Gabriel 🙂 ). My first subpoint on that outline was spiderwebs, but as it was already mid-day when I found out the prompt, all webs had disappeared.  I had just finished reading a book about a family of French weavers, and it had me thinking.  If we found a piece of cloth on the ground, we wouldn’t assume it was just a pile of yarn that had miraculously tangled itself just so as to be a sturdy textile, would we?  No, of course not.  In Florida was have these giant stalks of grass incorrectly called Palm Trees.  No, I’m not making this up.  Go Google it.  I’ll wait.  OK, now that you’re back (or are a Floridian and knew it already), let’s continue.  These tall stalks are very fibrous. Each layer has been woven together to create its tough exterior.  Yet, most people you talk to on the street will say that it is just a well-evolved plant. Hm, I’m not sure I see that logic.  So, today, I decided to highlight the intricate weaving of the palm trees that God so perfectly designed.  The sunburst was a nice bonus too. 🙂


Now, unfortunately, there are some, *gasp* rules.

RULE ONE: The photo has to be taken on the day of the post, i.e. you can`t use old pictures. (This is the hardest rule for me, because I’m the kind of person that if, by a rare chance, I do upload my pics to my laptop on the same day I take them, I put off editing and sorting them for weeks.  So, this is a good disciplinary challenge too. 🙂 )

RULE TWO: No Plagiarism. Must be your pic and yours alone.

RULE THREE: You must follow the five prompts that I`ll be posting my along with my pictures, unless, you know, you find another photo challenge prompt site and decide to do theirs instead. *dramatic lonely sigh*

Alright, now for my nominee.  *drumroooooool*


I’ve seen what you can do on Flickr, so I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with for this challenge! (If you accept, of course. 🙂 )


P.S. Did anyone catch 6+10=16? I was wondering if I had gotten anyone trained yet, so I didn’t do a post.

Quotes Challenge, Day 3 (plus extras)

Well, here we are.  It’s the last quotes challenge post.  Thanks for sticking with me this far, and I hope that you guys have enjoyed the quotes I’ve posted! If you want more, I have a page called Favorite Quotes and Bible Verses at the top of my blog that I add quotes to when I remember. 🙂  Have you guys noticed the extra fourth quote I’ve been adding as the featured image at the top of these posts?  You have? Have you? (thanks, Grammarly) Good!  I realized I could bend the rules a bit by doing that. 😉

Before we get to the quotes and nominations, I have exciting news!  I aced my open-book second-semester math exam!  I did Mr. D Math this year and now I’m done with Algebra I forever!  Next year I’ll be taking Geometry with the same program because I heartily recommend it to anyone, whether they struggle with math or it’s their favorite thing ever (or anywhere in-between).

Also, today’s date is a palindrome!  6-1-16 (minus the dashes) is 6116 and I have smiled every time I’ve written it on schoolwork today. 🙂 I’m smiling just typing that out!  So, this is an unofficial math day because of that.

Now, our feature presentation. *really old Disney intro music*

who says converseyou'll get run overmlkj quote

The Converse picture was made by my artistic sister who knows me way too well. 🙂 (That is my foot too, BTW). I have done that before too… to church. *shocked gasps* 🙂

My final nominees are…

  1. Joy the cherry tree poet. 🙂
  2. Teddy’s New Bear
  3. Paul (though I’d like to see Paulo do it too!)

That’s all folks! *tosses away carrot* (tacit Looney June reference, Paul!)


Quotes Challenge, Day 2

Welcome back to the Quotes Challenge!  I’m your host, the Squid.  On today’s episode, 3 more lucky people will be nominated to join our quote campaign and you will get to see 3 more of my favorite quotes.  *canned applause*

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”
—Herman Melville


And, last but not least:


The nominees are… *drumroll*

  1. Wesley the mathie from Generally Normal Science
  2. Teddy’s New Bear
  3. Em from Literary Moose and Glory Glory Writings

Thanks for watching reading and tune in next time for part 3!

If you missed the last episode, then click here to see how it all began. 🙂


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