Hello, hello,
Where did you go?
I’ve chased you about,
With no luck to recount,
But a picture to remember you by.

Hello, hello,
With whom do you go?
While I chase you ’round the clock,
You are always with your flock,
While I struggle on foot by my lonely self.

Hello, hello,
In what key do you sing?
With harmonious melodies
God has assigned you to me.
My heart is glad when you sing.

Hello, hello,
To where do you go?
Up high in the sky,
To “away” you fly,
I scan the sky in vain.

Goodbye, goodbye,
Too far do you fly,
Away from my eyes,
A small dot in the sky,
Warbling a sweet, sweet

Watching… Remembering

Hanging on the wall
The opaquely-backed panes of glass

The family’s
Comings and goings,
Tears and joy.
All stored within
A reflection of ourselves.

Mirrors they are,
And for a lifetime will remain,
But even they,
With all their memories
Cannot adequately reflect
The true emotions observed. 


God’s Given Storage Unit

Bookshelves packed of memories,
Dresser drawers are full.
Things of which to try and forget,
Others to treasure still.

Failures over and reexamined
For what God taught me then.
And though it’s ever unclear right now,
Eventually, I’ll understand.

That one small drawer that no one opens
For fear of what it holds.
The deepest, darkest hurts and secrets,
Manifold untold.

Greatest times and fun occasions
Joyously displayed.
Silly stories and anecdotes
Over again replayed.

Greatest disappointments,
False promises and lies,
Rattling ’round in taped-up boxes that
I try and try to hide.

Things I’ve never said aloud,
Dreams that too abundantly abound.
Both alike are hidden here,
Hidden from the crowds.

A secret lair of unknown things,
To which there is no key,
Holding wealth unmeasurable,
Belonging only to me.

Unable to be destroyed by rust or fire,
Only at the mercy of time.
Some I wish would finally retire,
Others to reclaim.

A memory is a wonderful thing,
Of endless capacity,
And unlike our physical facilities,
We don’t have to pay a fee!


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