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I’m Gonna Miss My Lil Bro

I’m Gonna Miss My Lil Bro

Giggles, squeals And smol smiles galore, Adam and I Rough house-ing on the floor He pushes me over And I roll on my back He jumps into my arms And I hug him right back With his face right near mine His volume down to a 2, He rubs our noses together, and says "Ugga … Continue reading I’m Gonna Miss My Lil Bro


I Love My Brother!

A few minutes ago... Adam comes into my room and tries to give me my bird field guide and notebook, but the weight of the field guide is confusing to him and he grunts in frustration.  He finally figures out how to pick it up and he hands it to me, face aglow with pride … Continue reading I Love My Brother!