Breaking Stereotypes.–mom-voice-not-needed/

This really sweet story came to my attention via the blogger Insanitybytes (thank you!) and made me think a lot.  Read it first, I’ll wait, and then you can read my thoughts if you want to.  Or, you can form your own conclusions and let me hear them. I’m good with both. 🙂 

Now that you’re back, here was my initial impression: What typical stereotypes were broken, and how powerfully!  First of all, this little girl wanting to try to ride a skateboard and not letting the male multitude faze her, and secondly the older skater boy not pushing her out, but instead helping her skate(board)? to the best of her ability.  There are two great lessons that I found:

1. Don’t judge people’s hearts by their appearance, but by their actions. (Like Jesus told us to… Hard to remember, isn’t it?)

2. Don’t be afraid to try unusual things for fear of what people will say, because you never know what God will do through it. 


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