What I Learned In 2017

That’s a really cliche clickbaity title, but it was going to accurate.

I was going to write a post about how I grew this year and what I learned, but then Mrs. Dawnlizjones wrote this post on INSPIRATION with an ATTITUDE, and I realized that her main theme was going to be my main point! 😆 So, I’m gonna just let you read hers, and then give a recap of my year.


After a painful, drama-filled beginning of year, I felt like a terrible human being. When I was offered a chance to work at a Christian summer camp, Camp Gilead, I jumped at it as a chance to follow God’s will instead of mine.

That was the greatest decision of my life because I grew SO. MUCH. over the span of just a few months and cultivated friendships that are still bearing fruit.

Due to camp, I drove two hours on the highway multiple times after only having my license for a couple months… My mom is still confused on how she ever let me do that, haha.

I became a lot more independent and responsible this year — you can ask my mom. I’ve gotten gas by myself multiple times, run errands for my mom once in a while, and drive myself and my sisters around very often. It’s been cool to have that level of freedom. 🙂

I had had my own room at the beginning of the year, but I moved in with my sister after camp. Sharing a room is harder than I remembered, but we’re working on it. 🙂

At the beginning of the Lunar year (in the fall), Jews around the world read a section of the Torah each week, starting in Genesis. My family started doing this too this fall, and I’ve gained soooo much knowledge and perspective on the first book of the Bible (we just finished Genesis) because we’re watching some videos in conjunction with each week’s parsha (portion in Hebrew). The videos are non-Messianic, but Rabbi David Fohrman is an incredible teacher with incredible insight into the Torah. Often, we discuss his videos and say, “If only he knew the rest of the story! What he could do with the New Testament!” I can’t wait for Exodus!

My family also joined GCHFA this year, which is the culmination of my childhood dreams: playing in a band and singing in a choir. The fact that it’s with other Christian homeschoolers is just the coolest thing ever. Our Christmas concert went splendidly, as did our assisted living facility outreach the week after. Yay!

My mom got some pics… 🙂

I know that there are more things that were relatively important this year, but also that I’ll only remember them once I publish this, so I’m not going to sweat it. Regardless, it was a really good year, and I’m excited to see what God has in store for 2018.

Happy New Year!


An Update!

I really need to work on better titles, but there is no time!  I usually use the  WordPress app for Android on my tablet to read all y’all’s posts and post new ones of my own, but I, um, well… broke the charging port on my tablet, so I’m back to my laptop until I can get a new tablet or something.  I’m very glad I have my laptop, but as it’s a bit on the slow side, it makes catching up on my reader a bit tricky.  But hopefully I can still read all of your posts without missing too many! 🙂

Thankfully, that’s the only bad news I have to report.  The great piece of news is that I finally got my learner’s permit!  Yesterday we went to the DMV, waited for a relatively short period of time, and were taken care of by a very nice lady, who was charmed by Adam. (I mean, who isn’t?)  Now I can start logging in those hours to get my license.  Yay!

Also, we went ice skating with a few families from our church this morning, and it was awesome!  Really crowded, but really fun!
God is so good, and always knows the desires of our hearts.

Tomorrow morning bright and early I’m going hiking with my dad and my friend Gabriel at Babcock, and later we’re camping out in a friend’s backyard for New Year’s Eve!  I know, I’ve exceeded my quota of exclamation points, (1) but I don’t care, I’m too excited! (ha)

Anyway, stay posted (haha, blogging pun) for my end-of-the-year blog post; this is just an update. 🙂



Daily(ish) Thankfulness List #11

1. I’ve been working on the TSLAE test (to get certified to take my driving permit test) for a couple days now, and today I passed!!!! Thank God!!  I needed an 80% (32 out of 40) to pass and I got 36 right!!  Two of them I knew but apparently pressed the wrong button, but it didn’t count against me in a significant way.  I’m so happy right now!  And hopefully, (time allowing) tomorrow I’ll take the actual permit test!  All prayers appreciated!

2. We’re performing a remake of Charlie Brown Christmas at our homeschool group’s Christmas Party Celebration thingy on Saturday, and tonight is the dress rehearsal!  I’m so nervous because a) I am our version of Linus (Lindsey in the play) so I have lots of lines, and b) My friend Cheryl and I are in charge of the play for the dress rehearsal as our real leader (my friend and her older sister Emily) is on a missions trip.  So, I’m hoping that that goes well, and I’m so thankful for this opportunity!

3. All of my amazing friends!  So thankful for you guys!!


P.S. I’m using lowestpricetrafficschool.com for both driving courses, and I highly recommend it!

Daily Thankfulness List #9

1. That we were able to play basketball and go to Five Guys before our whole family came down with a stomach bug. 

2. That Adam didn’t get very sick, and had a better attitude than the rest of us. 🙂

3. That I’m homeschooled so I don’t have to worry about missing school, since I can just double up tomorrow or do my work on Saturday.

4. Flickr.  My dad and I can show each other our pictures now even when I’m not with him!  And the app for Android is amazing.


Daily(ish) Thankfulness List #2

  1. My church family.  We just had a church workday, and accomplished so much!  It was so much fun helping out, but now my arms are sore. Haha, it was so worth it. 🙂
  2. Our pets.  It is so great being greeted when you come home by a fluffy doggy!
  3. My camera.  Today I shot my first semi-professional photoshoot, and it went quite well!  It was for a family friend, and I think I got some good shots she can use.  Hi Ellen, I hope you liked them!
  4. My tablet.  It makes blogging a lot easier.

That’s all for now!


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