What?? Two??

I cannot believe it!!  Adam is two!!  (See??  I’m using two punctuation marks if I can.) Two years ago today, a little baby boy was born into our lives, and we can’t stand the cuteness!  He has enriched our lives so much and brought us all closer together.  He’s our little chicken-eating ray of sunshine.

DSC_6367 - Adam holding chicken smiling

I feel a special connection to him too, because, at that age, I looked just like him!!  Let’s see if I can rustle up any pictures to compare…


This is all I could find, but I think you can see the resemblance. 🙂

DSC_6359 - DUH BUB

He’s a happy “Bubs” (as we often call him), and I love watching him grow up from an inquisitive toddler to an intelligent little boy.  We all adore him and can’t wait to enjoy another year with him!

Love you, bro.


P.S. I think that the picture of me counts as a #tbt pic, so happy Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday!

Welcome one, welcome all!  Today I’m going to share a link to one of my older posts that has been revamped a bit and that some of you have never read. I posted it about a year ago and thought that it was time it got a little recognition.  Enjoy!

Radical Living

Also, what do you guys think of the new theme?  If you’re reading this in your WordPress Reader then I’m guessing you haven’t noticed, so click on the little globe button and see the new and improved Squid’s Cup of Tea homepage!  Please share your thoughts with me in the comments! 😀



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