Where Am I Going From Here?


A year ago today, I posted this picture on my blog. ^^  under the title “Where Do I Go From Here?

The subjects are the directional keys on my previous laptop, the one that I had built with my dad years and years ago.  I was rather proud of how my quick pic turned out, and the post got a good deal of attention from my lovely followers. 🙂  Little did I know, but this antique trusty old Dell would be replaced at the turn of the school year, which was only about a month later.

Here I am, a year later, and I’m still using its replacement, a cheap but generally reliable ASUS.  It’s served me well, but the memories I have with its predecessor can never be replaced. 🙂

However, by the time this actually posts (I’m writing this ahead of time on Thursday night), I’ll be leaving Floridia and heading to Gah-jah as a halfway point between home and Ohaih.  So, the title actually fits rather well. except for the fact that you know where I’m going.

I also started Algebra II this Tuesday and I’m super pumped!!  I got a used TI-84 calculator and it is my new favorite thing!



Shoutout to new adventures with an old(ish) laptop and new-to-me calculator!


Tallahassee Trip: Day 1, Part 1


It was amazing what a difference being in the Panhandle of Florida makes to the landscape of Florida and the flora and fauna found there.  I mean, (as my Dad reminded me) we are in the sub-tropics, and Tallahassee isn’t.  Anyway, the hills were so cool. 🙂
We found our hotel all right, and everything there worked out.  Saturday morning we were off to the Florida Caverns State Park!  But on our way there we got a little sidetracked… we found a train!  It was near some baseball and football fields, and seemed to be a type of playground for kids.  But that didn’t stop us!  We had such a fun time taking pictures of each other!  When you see me with my camera, then Dad is taking the picture with his camera.  When I don’t have it, then he is using mine.  Well, enough of me; enjoy!


We were talking about escaping slaves, homeless people during the Great Depression, and other people who have to jump up onto similar cars like the one we were in, and that inspired this one.  My dad is 6’2, but that was still quite a height!


I love the hay bales…

DSC_5378 DSC_5382

I love my Converse!


Dad shooting me… 🙂  The baseball field is in the background.


More Converse, but on the old wood flooring this time, giving it a rustic look… 🙂

DSC_5387 DSC_5388

When I took this I didn’t realize that it looked like I was wearing an old-fashioned blouse and skirt!  Haha!


On the engine…


Dad’s driving!  Oh no! 😀

DSC_5397 DSC_5400

Then an artistic shot.


Dad’s on the engine, so who’s driving???

DSC_5402 DSC_5403

More artsy shots.

DSC_5405 DSC_5407

I thought the caboose would be a nice ending for this post.  You’ll see the caverns next time!



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