Our God is an Awesome God!

We all have those songs that have memories and special associations, um, associated with them. 

Awesome God is one of those for me.  

It was the first song I remember ever figuring out on the piano, just a little 9-year-old picking it out with one finger.  That fact paired with the great theological depth of truth packed inside it has led me to have a deep fondness for it.  

I grew up on Michael W. Smith’s version and always loved it, but, when I heard Carmen’s rendition, I was blown away!  He starts out in Genesis, and, in his powerful, rumbly voice, draws us into the scene of “the Spirit of God hovering over the water.”  It’s amazing.  Sooooo, check it out!!  Our God is an incredibly awesome God, and this song comes closer than most to expressing our sliver of knowledge of the glory of Elohim. (sorry for the run-on sentence) 


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