Who is This Squid?

Me aboard a replication of the Pinta (one of the 3 ships that Columbus used to explore the New World)

Ahoy there!  My name is Sydney, but I like to go by the (nick)name Squid.  I’m a 19-year-old Messianic homeschooler gal who has an incurable love of learning.

I never know what to write here, because everything sounds so self-promoting and rambly… but, if you clicked on this page, then you obviously are looking for that?  Sooooo here goes:

Myers-Briggs – ENTP (but barely Extroverted… I have a lot of Introverted tendencies)
DISC – C/I: The Assessor
Enneagram – 4w5, 6w7, or 9w9????
I am strongly left-brained and analytical, yet, contrary to that, I am right-brain dominated as well in things such as music, (see below) and creative writing.  I’m kinda confused, truthfully.  I don’t fit any mold.

I am a freshman at Covenant College dual-majoring in Economics and Community Development, but I was homeschooled up until now 🙂

Religious background/Ministries:
I grew up in a Messianic Jewish synagogue but since 2013 have also attended a small Bible church too. My stepdad is the Head Rabbi of Beth Yeshua now, and my mom is worship leader.

I hope that you enjoy my blog, and I appreciate all of the kind comments I receive from you guys!


Numbers 6:24-26