Garages And Musty Sheds

There’s no smell I like better,
Than an old garage or shed,
Musty and old,
Scattered with things that are dead.

Filled with tools and wood,
And an old tractor which could
With some oil,
Be persuaded to work again.

Memories of grandparents,
Basements and more,
Evoked by the smell
Of dead spiders galore.


P.S. I wrote this poem over a year ago, and I recently learned that this smell I adore so much is probably oil.  But… I don’t feel like changing the poem so please enjoy it for the rhythm and sentiment instead. 🙂

3 Replies to “Garages And Musty Sheds”

  1. How funny!

    I heard a radio program once where people were asked to call in to say what weird smell the liked. I was amazed at how many said the liked the smell of oil, gas, burning rubber, and such petroleum based odors.

    You are not alone 😁

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